Maretron Real Time Cloud Service
Access your vessel in real time from anywhere in the world.
Real Time Cloud Service
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Maretron Real Time Cloud Service allows you to remotely and seamlessly connect to your vessel using N2KView® or N2KView®-Mobile software, so you can monitor and control your vessel from anywhere in the world. As long as there is an Internet connection to the vessel, Maretron's Internet Protocol Gateway (IPG100) will automatically log into Maretron Real Time Cloud Service and the vessel's information will be made available to any remote N2KView® or N2KView® Mobile. Connection between your vessel and remote N2KView® software has never been easier, whether your vessel's Internet connection is via a marina WiFi, satellite connection, GSM or cell phone modem, or any other type of Internet connection, you'll have access to the vessel from anywhere in the world.

Using Maretron Real Time Cloud Service is simple, just imagine receiving an email or text notification from the vessel indicating a problem and you simply log onto the vessel using a smart phone, tablet, or PC. Using Maretron's N2KView® vessel monitoring and control software you get a better understanding of the problem and you can even initiate a corrective action like resetting tripped breakers, turning on auxiliary pumps or lights. Or maybe you just want to adjust the air conditioner or start the ice maker on your way to the boat. Whatever the reason, Maretron Real Time Cloud Service provides you with a seamless connection to your vessel for peace of mind and convenient access from anywhere in the world.

Remote Monitoring of your vessel from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection using:

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Cloud Diagram



As far as choosing the right data plan, here are some basic guidelines:

  1. A large NMEA 2000® network consisting of 25 products uses about 25% of the available network bandwidth or approximately 8KBytes/second
  2. A single camera set at 352x200pixels, 20% Compression, 2 Frames/Second requires approximately 32KBytes/second of bandwidth.
  3. An idle connection with no data flowing (i.e. Just the IPG100 is connected) will consume about 20 bytes per minute (or 0.8 Mbytes per month), which is 0.003% of your monthly bandwidth.

So in order to remotely monitor and control your vessel using Maretron Real Time Cloud Service, plan on using approximately 30MBytes/hour for monitoring and controlling your systems (see assumptions in number 1 above) and another 120MBytes/hour per video connection (see assumptions in number 2 above).

Here is an example where you would choose the 25GByte plan:

1 Data Connection = 30MBytes/Hour
2 Video Connections = 240MBytes/Hour
Remote Access through the Cloud = 2.5 Hours/day

Total Usage = 270MBytes/hour x 2.5 Hours/day x 31 days/month = 21GBytes/month

Remember, these are just guidelines, if there are more than 25 products on the vessel's network, or the products use excessive bandwidth, or camera resolutions or frame rates are set higher, then your usage will be greater. Don't worry though, we give you comprehensive tools to monitor and control your bandwidth usage from right inside the N2KView® software, so you can manage your usage or bump up to the next available plan.

Model #Product DescriptionMSRP
MCS-25GBRemote Vessel Monitoring & Control Data Usage Plan (1 Year Contract - 25GB/month)$ 295.00
MCS-50GBRemote Vessel Monitoring & Control Data Usage Plan (1 Year Contract - 50GB/month)$ 495.00
MCS-100GBRemote Vessel Monitoring & Control Data Usage Plan (1 Year Contract - 100GB/month)$ 895.00