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User Interface Products

If you think about all the systems onboard a vessel and what needs to be monitored to keep each person safe, secure, and comfortable, it can be daunting task. Is there enough fuel to make it to the destination, is the engine overheating, is the bilge filling up with water, is there carbon monoxide in the sleeping quarters? Maretron® offers user interface products that dramatically reduce the stress associated with keeping track of all your systems. In fact, every single parameter from every system onboard can be monitored 24/7 using programmable alerts or alarms, which gives you an early warning of potential problems before they become an annoyance or even a threatening situation. Furthermore, all vessel system information is available through one highly intuitive and configurable user interface so you don’t have to learn how to operate multiple disparate systems.

And all the vessel monitoring and control information is networked, so you can get the data wherever it’s needed, whether it be onboard or ashore using desktop computers, laptops, handhelds, or tablets. If any of the vessel’s monitored parameters go outside of programmable limits, the ALM100 can sound an alarm on the vessel, and the SMS100 can send you a text message wherever you are.

User Interface Software

User Interface Hardware