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NMEA 2000® Gateways / Bridges

Although most of Maretron’s vessel monitoring and control products are made to communicate across an NMEA 2000® network, there are times when it is appropriate to pass information over different communication protocols. Take for example the use of a computer or PC to monitor and control your vessel’s systems. The PC doesn’t have an NMEA 2000® connection so a gateway like the Maretron USB100 is used to get information to and from the computer.

In addition to gateway products, Maretron offers a bridge for interconnecting two NMEA 2000® networks (NBE100). This allows you to expand an NMEA 2000® network beyond the normal limitation of 50 products up to 100 or even 250 products. You can even use the NBE100 to build redundant networks where safety is of utmost importance.

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