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VDR100 vessel data recorder

Maretron's Vessel Data Recorder (VDR100) is used to record messages transmitted from every product interconnected on the vessel's NMEA 2000® network. Each message is stored using solid-state memory technology with simple data retrieval via a removable USB flash drive. The supplied 16 Gbyte USB Flash Drive will hold weeks or more of data, and with the optional purchase of a larger USB Flash Drive, a year or more of data can be stored. And you never have to worry about losing the most recent data because the VDR100 uses a circular buffer where the oldest data is overwritten only after the entire memory is filled.

Recorded vessel data can be used in many ways including performance analysis, vessel tracking, preventative maintenance, network diagnostics, warranty incident, and accident investigation, all in an effort to reduce operating cost and improve safety. As an example of how the recorded data might be used, consider an NMEA 2000® fuel flow monitor plugged into the network, which will provide a complete record of how much fuel was used and how fast it was used. With a GPS antenna/receiver plugged into the NMEA 2000® network, you will have a complete record of where the vessel has been including its speed and course over ground.

Analyzing and graphing recorded data is done using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft® Excel®. Simply remove the USB Flash Drive and plug it into a PC or Mac and run Maretron's free extraction software (N2KExtractor®). Choose any or all of the recorded data including the associated dates and times and the program will create a comma delimited file (.csv) that can be read into a spreadsheet for graphing or any other type of data analysis.

With the VDR100, you have a complete record of all the information produced by NMEA 2000® products connected to the vessel's network. And because the VDR100 is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards (IEC 60945 Maritime Navigation and Radio Communication Equipment), your data is safely protected in a compact waterproof housing.

USB flash drives

Depending on how much data you wish to record without overwriting older data, the following table can be used to determine the capacity of the USB Flash Drive you need. These figures are estimated assuming a 25% loaded system (approx 463 frames/second).

Recording PeriodMedia Storage Capacity
1 second7862 bytes
1 minute471,750 bytes
1 hour29 MBytes
1 day680 MBytes
1 week5 GBytes
1 month (30 days)21 GBytes
1 year (365.25 days)248 GBytes
  • Data recorded on solid state memory via removable USB flash drive
  • Circular buffer preserves latest recorded data while oldest data overwritten when memory is full
  • Recorded data available for performance analysis, vessel tracking, preventive maintenance, and more
  • Optional waterproof USB flash drive cover
  • Free data extraction software (N2KExtractor®) builds comma-delimited files for data analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Vessel tracking
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Warranty incident
  • Accident investigation

The following accessories are available for the VDR100:

USB Waterproof Cover


Part Number: PX0852

Waterproof Ethernet cable 16.4'


Part Number: PX0837/5M00

16GB USB Flash drive


USB Flash DrivePart Number: M003029

The following free software is available to extract the data from the VDR100:



Depending on which version you currently have installed, this upgrade may not be able to be installed using N2KAnalyzer. If this is the case, you will see a message in N2KAnalyzer to this effect. Please download a complete image from VDR100 System Image Installer, and follow the instructions found in these instructions - VDR100 System Image Installation Instructions