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NMEA 2000® data extractor for VDR100

N2KExtractor® is a software tool, currently offered free of charge with the purchase of a Maretron Vessel Data Recorder (VDR100). N2KExtractor® is used to extract information from the VDR100 removable USB Flash drive for analysis of any, or all, data recorded by the VDR100. Extracted data can be used for performance analysis, vessel tracking, preventative maintenance, warranty incident, and accident investigation, all in an effort to reduce operating cost and improve safety.

N2KExtractor® is able to connect directly to the VDR100 through an Ethernet connection, and extract the data through the Ethernet connection, or can extract the data diretly from the USB drive if the USB drive is plugged into the computer running N2KExtractor®.

N2KExtractor® is also able to connect to Maretron's Telemetric Cloud Service and download the data stored in the Cloud Server.

  • Easily select time period for extracting data with context driven time lines
  • Automatically identify available parameters for data extraction within selected time period
  • Quickly Graph up to four parameters for quick analysis
  • Extract as many parameters as desired to comma delimited file and analysis within Microsoft® Excel®
  • Drag position on map and see corresponding point within time scales and graphs
  • Performance analysis
  • Vessel tracking
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Warranty incident
  • Accident investigation
PC Users Please update to the latest version from the following link.
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