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Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service

Maretron® Telemetric Cloud Service uses the vessel’s existing Internet connection (cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, etc.) to broadcast information about the vessel to Maretron’s Cloud Server where the data is stored and subsequently accessed from the shore via a computer, smartphone, or tablet device. Using Maretron's Telemetric Cloud Service allows you to protect your investment through near real-time tracking of your vessel and it allows you to manage the operation of your assets such as scheduling preventive maintenance or optimizing performance such as fuel usage.

The type of data transmitted off the vessel is limited only by the Maretron NMEA 2000® sensors making up the onboard vessel monitoring system. This might be as simple as a single GPS antenna/receiver used for tracking the vessel, or it may include many sensors for monitoring engines, generators, fuel rate, tank levels, batteries, and more. Selecting which data is monitored and how often it is transmitted to the cloud from the vessel is a simple matter using a Maretron touchscreen or black box (TSM810C, or MBB300C). This gives you the flexibility to decide which information is important and how often it is transmitted while balancing it against your airtime cost. The system has been designed to be extremely efficient for minimizing airtime, plus the system is designed to be very robust for situations where Internet connectivity is intermittent or moving through areas of spotty coverage.

With regards to accessing cloud data from ashore, there are two methods. First, there is a free smartphone/tablet application called N2KTracker®, which is a Google map showing your boat’s current position and its track over the last hour. You can set a geo-fence so if the boat moves outside your programmed circle radius, you’ll get a text message or email notifying you that the vessel is on the move. N2KTracker® also has a dashboard function where you can select any data stored in the cloud for display.

For a more detailed analysis of the data stored in the cloud, Maretron offers a free PC-based software program called N2KExtractor®. N2KExtractor® shows the boat and track on a map for the selected time period, plus it allows you to graph up to four parameters while correlating the data with vessel’s position. Alternatively, N2KExtractor® allows any number of user selected parameters for a user selected time period to be extracted in the form of a spreadsheet file for detailed performance analysis or preventive maintenance.

So if you are looking to protect your investment through vessel tracking, or if you are looking to manage your assets using performance analysis or preventive maintenance, then Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service provides you with ready access to the data you need.

  • Vessel Tracking using mobile app N2Ktracker®.
    • Geo-fence with Text and Email Capability if Boat Leaves Selected Area
    • User Selectable Dashboard
  • Vessel Management and Operations using PC software N2KExtractor®
    • Optimizing Performance
    • Scheduling Maintenance
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