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OctoPlex® Network Power Supply

The Network Power Supply (NPS) provides regulated +15 VDC to the OctoPlex dual CAN network system. The power supply utilizes one AC and two DC power inputs for redundancy.

AC Voltage Input

A3205-1: 90-126VAC; 56Hz - 63Hz
A3205-2: 220-264VAC; 47Hz-53Hz

AC Input Current (Max)

2 Amps

DC Voltage Input

18VDC – 36VDC

DC Input Current (Max)

6 Amps

CAN Bus Output Voltage

+15 VDC (± 0.5)


7.80” X 8.84” X 3.85”

CAN Bus Connectors

Two (2) Mini Female

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +70°C


6.0 lbs (2.72 kg) Max

NMEA 2000

Category B

Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Type Approved, Test Specification #1, Env 2


IEC 60533 Electrical and Electronic Installations in Ships
IEC 60945 Maritime Navigation and Radio Communication Equipment and Systems

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