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Network Diagram

Trawler Example – Basic System


This trawler basic monitoring system will monitor the propulsion engine, 4 tanks, and 3 bilge compartments with all information displayed on a 5.7” sunlight readable display. If any of the monitored parameters go outside programmable limits, the display will flash and the buzzer will sound an alarm.

The following table shows the products included within this example system plus a list of the information or data available for display.

Product Description Available Data List
DSM250 Display Displays data in this list, monitors the data and sounds an internal buzzer if there is a problem
ALM100 Alarm buzzer Sounds a loud buzzer when any monitored data in this list goes outside programmed limit
J2K100 Engine Monitor Monitors RPM, boost and oil pressure, oil and coolant temp, voltage, fuel rate, hours
FPM100 Tank Monitor Monitors levels in 2 fuel tanks, 2 fresh water tanks, 1 black water and 1 gray water tanks
SIM100 Switch indicator 3 high bilge water indicators, magnetic door switch, smoke/heat detector, CO detector
RIM100 Run indicator Monitors 3 bilge pumps for breaker status and pump run status, counts and times pump runs


This file requires Maretrons free NMEA 2000® network design tool N2KBuilder® to be installed on your PC.

DSM250 Screenshots

The following screenshots are examples of how monitored data can be displayed on the DSM250.

Distance to Empty and Time To Empty

Engine Battery

Engine Coolant and Oil

Engine Economy and Trip Fuel Used

Engine Fuel Rate

Engine Hours

Engine Pressures and Load

Engine Sea and Coolant Temperatures

Engine Tachometer Gauge

Fresh Water Tank Gauges

Fuel Burn Vessel Speed with Distance to empty

Fuel Gauge

Fuel Gauges

Fuel Remaining Total and Tanks

Gray and Black Water Tank Gauges

Run Counter and Timer

Run Indicators Off

Run Indicators On

Switch Indicators Off

Switch Indicators Off Color

Switch Indicators On

Switch Indicators On Color

Time and Distance To Empty

Total Fuel Gauge

Total Tank Remaining with Individual tank Remaining

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