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General systems monitoring / recording

Maretron’s general monitoring products aren’t associated with a single vessel system, but rather the products are associated with monitoring a variety of systems. Take the Switch Indicator Module (SIM100) for example, which can be used for monitoring both security and safety systems. Security monitoring with the SIM100 includes magnetic door sensors, motion sensors or any other switch activated security sensor. With regards to safety systems, the SIM100 can be used for smoke, carbon monoxide, and combustible gas detection.

Another good example of a general purpose monitor is the Temperature Module (TMP100). The TMP100 can be used for simple air temperature measurement like cabin temperature, or it can be used to measure your engine’s exhaust gas temperature so you know whether or not you’re running the engine to lean or to rich.

Further general monitoring products include a data recorder (VDR100) that keeps track of everything that happens onboard your vessel. You can keep a year’s worth of data on single USB thumb drive for review at anytime.

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