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N2KView® Mobile

Maretron’s N2KView® Mobile software allows you to monitor and control your vessel’s systems from your smart phone or tablet device. This includes Android (2.2 and higher) smart phones and tablets as well as Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Whether it’s onboard via WiFi or ashore via an Internet connection, you can see what is happening aboard your vessel and even control things like your air conditioner, watermaker, lights, pumps, and more.

What makes N2KView® Mobile so diverse is its ability to configure your own screens. You have complete control of the number of screens, the layout of each screen, and the size and type of each parameter you wish to display. You customize each display exactly the way you want it. You use N2KView® on a computer to design the screens, and then download them to your smart phone or tablet device.

N2KView® may be downloaded free of charge directly from Google Play to your Android device or directly to an Apple device from the iTunes store. Although the application is a free download, you will need a Maretron Internet Protocol Gateway (IPG100) to get the sensor data onto the vessels Wifi for onboard viewing or onto the Internet for remote viewing (see Maretron Real Time Cloud Service for remote viewing).


  • Air conditioning (HVAC)
  • AC power
  • Battery
  • Depth
  • Engine
  • Environment
  • Fuel management
  • GPS
  • Heading
  • Ice makers
  • Navigation
  • Rudder
  • Speed
  • Tanks
  • Time
  • Transmission
  • Video
  • Watermakers
  • Weather
  • Wind
The following screenshots are examples of what N2KView can display on a mobile device.

About Screen

Air Conditioner


Circuit Breakers

Cloud Server Setup



Course and Speed

Downloading Configurations

Engine Coolant Temperature

Engine Data

Engine Indicators

Engine Oil Pressure

Engine Room Video

Engine Tachometer

GPS Status



Screen Tabs

Water Maker

Water Tanks

Wind Direction

iPad, iPod, iPhone

Please download N2KView Mobile directly from the App store. From your iPhone or iPad, go to the "App Store and search for "N2KView". N2KView requires iOS 4.0 or later.


Please download N2KView Mobile directly from the Android Market (Play Store). From your Android device, open the "Play Store" App and search for "N2KView". Your Android device must be running the Froyo version of the Android Operating System (Android version 2.2) to be able to run N2KView. If you are running a previous version of the Android Operating System, then the app will not be visible in the Market.

You can now download N2KView Mobile 6 for Android 8 and 9, 32-bit and 64-bit processors, from the Google Play Store at N2KView6 Mobile.

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