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Network Diagram

MPower 20 Ft Center Console


This system example is based on an MPower system designed for a 20ft Center Console boat. With over-current protection built-in and capable of handling up to 75A of total load, the CLMD12 handles all the needs of this vessel’s electrical switching while the vessel is in use. The CLMD12 broadcasts “Bilge Pump Running” indication to the MFD, handles the interior (“Console”) light switch input providing light dimming capabilities, and houses the logic required to perform combined circuit operation such as Navigation / Anchor lighting. Installed in the helm area, the IP68 rated VMM6 provides a quick access point of control for desired circuits while the rest are switched through the compatible MFD. The MPower system easily expands via NMEA 2000 networking.

The following table shows the necessary products for this system and what product features are being utilized for each product as it pertains to this system.

Product Description Function
VMM6 6 Switch Contura Digital Switch Module This provides 6 switches to control circuits that can be accessed quickly.
CLMD12 12 Channel DC Load Controller This 12 channel digital switch controls all the circuits.


N2KBuilder file

This file requires Maretron’s free NMEA 2000® network design tool N2KBuilder® to be installed on your PC.




Configuration Files

Please right click on these files and use the “Save Link As…” or “Save Target As…” entry to download these files.

Import them into N2KAnalyzer to provide the files to configure the devices in the working system.


Module Documentation Forms

Module Documentation Forms depict the pin description for each connection to be made for the MPower CLMD16 and CLMD12. In addition to the description for each pin/ connection there is information such as the ECB’s max current rating, the configured ECB’s software current rating, the Module Instance Number and location, and what type of connection / signal is needed to activate inputs. For the CKM12 it shows the function of each switch.

Garmin Screenshots

The following screenshots are examples of screens that can be created to display and control the MPower breakers.

Push Buttons

Rocker Switches