MPower - VMM6 Multiplexed Switch Module - COMING FEB 2021


MSRP $112-$124

The price includes one NMEA 2000 pigtail plus waterproof plug for spare socket.

* VMM6 requires configuration using Maretron USB100 or IPG100 plus PC running N2KAnalyzer V3.

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The new MPower® Series by Maretron replaces standard mechanical circuit breakers and switches with state-of-the-art digital power distribution. Customers looking to achieve the power and convenience of advanced home automation for their boats will appreciate MPower’s seamless, reliable operation as well as and cost-effective installation.

The VMM-Series is a sealed, multiplexed switch module with six switches featuring the Carling II-Series Contura® or Carling V-Series Contura® rocker switch actuator styles.

Well known for their cutting edge design, high quality, maximum performance and unmatched reliability, the VMM-Series reduces the complexity and cost of traditional wiring harnesses, increases product life and reliability, and reduces installation time.

Available in four simple configurations, the VMM6 is an out-of-the box plug-and-play solution that delivers switching technology at a very attractive price point. In addition, for customers that want the option to source aftermarket actuators, we offer two configurations of the VMM6 without actuators (Part numbers A3801-5, A3801-6).

The VMM6 is sold off-the-shelf in the following configurations. Each configuration includes a 0.2m NMEA 2000® pigtail adapter cable.

Part NoDescription
A3801-1Contura II Actuators with all positions momentary ON and blue LEDs
A3801-2Contura II Actuators with right switch 3-position and blue LEDs
A3801-3Contura V Actuators with all positions momentary ON and blue LEDs
A3801-4Contura V Actuators with right switch 3-position and blue LEDs
A3801-5No Actuators with all positions momentary ON and blue LEDs
A3801-6No Actuators with right switch 3-position and blue LEDs

Other configurations are availiable on request with bulk puchase, including not supplying the adapter cable for builders who wish to do the cable harnesses themselves.

  • NMEA 2000® CAN Protocol
  • IP68 Sealing Protection with plug installed in unused connector
  • Configurable
  • Horizontal or Vertical Mounting Options
  • Aftermarket Actuators readily available with a wide selection of Legends
  • LED feedback of circuit state
  • Low Current Switching
  • Tactile and Audible Feedback
  • Control of navigation lights
  • Control of boarding lights
  • Control of area lights

The following accessories are available for the VMM6:

All off-the-shelf configurations include one NMEA 2000® pigtail.

NMEA 2000® Pigtail (0.2m)

MSRP $39

Part Number: A3702

2nd Socket Waterproof Plug

Part Number: This is not sold separately.