MPower - Digital Switching - NEW
Here are documents that will be of help installing MPower. Look under the Documents tab of each device to find manuals and documentation specific to that device.
MPower Catalog
Catalog for MPower Products.
MPower Presentation - Overview
Introduction of the new MPower platform of products.
MPower Presentation - Technical Training 1
Provides an overview for setup and configuring CLMD12, VMM6 and CKM12.
MPower Presentation - Technical Training 2
Provides an overview for setup and configuring CLMD16.
Garmin MPower Setup Guide
You want to read this if you are using MPower® with a Garmin® MFD.
Garmin Switch Number to Instance / Channel conversion
You want to use this spreadsheet to convert between Garmin Switch Numbers and NMEA Instance and Channel numbers.
The Evolution of the Connected Boat is Here. MPower®, from Maretron, a Carling Technologies Brand. The new MPower® Digital Switching Platform delivers simple, intuitive control over the increasingly complex systems found on today’s vessels. The result is a safer, more enjoyable boating experience. We are your ONE source for creating the intelligent boat ... from cables and connectors to complete vessel monitoring and control solutions.

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