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Network Diagram

MPower 35 ft Center Console


This system example is based on an MPower system designed for a 35ft Center Console type vessel. This design features a wireless keyfob and a split power NMEA 2000 network. The feature set of this vessel example is focused on the vessel’s two main states: everything being powered ON and “Sleep Mode”. “Sleep Mode” indicating a mode where most everything is powered OFF and minimal power consumption is used. The MFD is the central point of control for the digital switches.

Located in the helm area, the robust and waterproof MPower CKM12 provides a single point of control for circuits that can be accessed quickly. The CKM12’s four right keys are designated for control of Trim Tabs eliminating the need for a separate control interface.

The feature-packed CLMD16, this ignition protected unit will control

  • Your vessels Trim Tabs directly by utilizing the integrated H-Bridge output channels.
  • The Logic for “Keyfob Button 1” signal in where the module’s alarm output will activate a “Beep” and the “Courtesy Lights” circuit for an adjustable period allowing for lighted entry and exit of your vessel when the “sleep / wake” keyfob button is pressed.
  • When the vessel’s “sleep mode” is activated the CLMD16 will shut down all circuits that are currently On except the “DC Refrigerator”, Livewell Aerator”, and “Service Lights” maintaining cold items in the refrigerator and keeping Livewell water aeration active.
  • The CLMD16’s Logic programming will allow for the “Service Lights” circuit to operate regardless of whether the vessel is in “sleep mode” or not. In the case that service needs to be performed, the vessel doesn’t need to be fully powered.
  • Handling tank sender information, the CLMD16 eliminates the need for additional devices and will broadcast the status of the tank levels onto the NMEA 2000 network. The CLMD16 will disable the “Electric toilet / head” circuit when the waste tank reaches full and disables the “Freshwater Pump” circuit when the freshwater tank is empty to prevent the freshwater pump from running in a dry condition.
  • For added safety, the CLMD16 features a manual override feature for all wired outputs.


In this example the CLMD12 unit is connected and disconnected to power when “Keyfob Button 1” is activated therefore shutting down its associated circuits when the vessel is in “sleep mode”. The CLMD12’s inputs are used to

  • Connect interior light switch controls to the system allowing for dimming control of all interior lighting and eliminating the need for yet another potential control device.
  • One input is designated for “lockout control” of the “Discharge Pump” circuit. Connect this input to your blackwater discharge seacock switch and allow the integration of MPower to aid in USCG compliance.


The following table shows the necessary products for this system and what product features are being utilized for each product as it pertains to this system.

Product Description Function
CKM12 12 Button Waterproof Keypad This provides 12 push buttons to control circuits that can be accessed quickly.
CLMD12 12 Channel DC Load Controller This 12 channel digital switch controls all the circuits that are switched off when the vessel is in “sleep mode”.
CLMD16 16 Channel DC Load Controller This 16 channel digital switch controls all the circuits that need to be available 24/7.


Option with Garmin Display

    • network design tool

N2KBuilder® to be installed on your PC.

Option with TSM810C


    • network design tool


Option with Garmin Display and Tank Monitor


    • network design tool


Option with TSM810C and Tank Monitor


    • network design tool




Configuration Files

Please right click on these files and use the “Save Link As…” or “Save Target As…” entry to download these files.

Import them into N2KAnalyzer to provide the files to configure the devices in the working system.

Module Documentation Forms

Module Documentation Forms depict the pin description for each connection to be made for the MPower CLMD16 and CLMD12. In addition to the description for each pin/ connection there is information such as the ECB’s max current rating, the configured ECB’s software current rating, the Module Instance Number and location, and what type of connection / signal is needed to activate inputs. For the CKM12 it shows the function of each switch.

Garmin Screenshots

The following screenshots are examples of screens that can be created to display and control the MPower breakers.

Push Buttons

Rocker Switches