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Network Diagram

Bilge Monitoring – Comprehensive System


Every year we hear of boats sinking, most of them at the dock. The usual method of dealing with ingress of water is to install a bilge pump, driven by a float switch that is activated when water in the bilge reaches a certain level. While this sounds sufficient, there are many factors that may prevent the bilge pump from operating correctly, such as loss of power due to corroded wiring, or debris which blocks the pump or prevents the float switch from operating. Because of the catastrophic results of this kind of failure a simple system to monitor the operation of the bilge pump should be installed in every boat, no matter what size.

This comprehensive bilge monitoring system will monitor voltages at certain points, displaying their status on a small sunlight viewable display, and sounding a loud buzzer if there is a problem. The high bilge water detector is a sensitive detector that has no moving parts to foul, and the texting module will send an SMS to your phone if there is a problem. If there is an Internet connection onboard and you are away from the boat, you can use N2KView or N2KView Mobile to manually turn on the bilge pump through Maretron’s DC solid-state Relay (DCR100). And with the included accessories, you will be forewarned if the boat starts to move, a door or hatch has been opened, carbon monoxide or smoke is detected.

The following table shows the products included within this example system plus a list of the information or data available for display.

Product Description Available Data List
DSM410 Helm pod display 4.1” display shows data in this list, monitors the data and if there is a problem will sound internal or external buzzer and send a text message to the SMS100.
SMS100 Texting module Sends text messages to one or more phone numbers when any monitored data in this list goes outside programmed limits
GPS200 Cabin top GPS Position, speed over ground, course over ground, time, date, magnetic variation and more
SIM100 Switch indicator 3 high bilge water indicators, magnetic door switch, smoke/heat detector, CO detector
ALM100 Alarm buzzer Sounds a loud buzzer when any monitored data in this list goes outside programmed limit
RIM100 Run indicator Monitors pump breaker status, pump run status, counts and times pump runs
DCR100 DC Relay Switching DC circuits with current measurement
N2KView Vessel montoring and control software PC onboard, at home, or at office monitors and displays data in this list
IPG100 N2K to ethernet NMEA 2000 to ethernet gateway
E2500 Wifi router Allows monitoring wirelessly or wired onboard, or remotely with internet connection
MCS-25GB Maretron Real Time Cloud Service Subscription service that allows real time access to the vessel from anywhere in the world with internet connection


This file requires Maretron’s free NMEA 2000® network design tool N2KBuilder® to be installed on your PC.

Text message screenshots

The following screenshots  are examples of Text Messages you can receive when monitoring bilge status.

Bilge Pump Power Loss

Bilge Pump Running

High Bilge Water Alarm

In addition to the bilge text messages, the following text messages are also available with this intermediate system.

Boat Moving Alarm

Carbon Monoxide

Door Open Alarm

Smoke Alarm

DSM410 screenshots

The following screenshots are examples of how the bilge status will be displayed on the DSM410.

Bilge Override Switches

Bilge Pump Not Powered

Bilge Pump Powered

Bilge Pump Running

Bilge Switch and Currents

High Bilge Water

Pump Powered Running with Count and Time

Run Counter Timer

In addition to the bilge monitoring screenshots shown above, you also have the ability to display these example screenshots (click to enlarge).

COG Course Up Rose

GPS Status

Lat Lon

Local Time and Date



SOG Gauge

Sunrise and Sunset

Switch Indicators Off

Switch Indicators Off Color

Switch Indicators On

Switch Indicators On Color

UTC Date and Time


N2KView components

The following components are examples of how monitored data can be displayed on a PC, tablet or smartphone using N2KView or N2KView Mobile. The components are arranged on favourite screens at positions and sizes to suit the user’s needs. See N2KView web page for exampes of full screenshots.

Afternoon Twilight

Bilge Pump Off

Bilge Pump Run Counter

Bilge Pump Running

Bilge Pump Run Timer

Bilge Pump Switch Off

Bilge Pump Switch On


COG Digital

COG Head Up Rose

COG North Up Rose

Course Over Ground Digital

GPS Status

Lat and Long

Lat and Long Degrees

Lat and Long DMS

Local Date

Local Date DMY

Local Date MDY

Moon Phase


UTC Time

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