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folders.png TSM800C (Discontinued)

Can I receive alerts via email from N2KView?

Yes! You are able to receive an email message in response to an alert status from a device running N2KView. * This requires the transmitting device (Computer, MBB or TSM) to have internet access and an active email account in order to transmit the... Read More

What video system can be used with N2KView?

N2KView is designed to display data from IP cameras produced by AXIS Communications, with the exception of the "Companion Series", that provide: Video Stream Motion jpg (mjpg) video format VAPIX interface Anonymous Login Viewing Enabled- If you want... Read More

AXIS Camera Setup for N2KView

  Within this article outlines a basic setup guideline for integrating your AXIS camera or AXIS encoder that is connected to the same LAN as your device running N2KView (TSM, MBB, and/or computer).   Access your AXIS camera via your browser... Read More

How do I save or load a config file in N2KView?

Saving a N2KView config file to a USB device. 1. Insert a USB flash drive into an available USB port on your device. 2. From the main screen, tap to reveal the available tabs and select Commands and Settings on the right. 3. Select tab labeled... Read More

How do I set up My Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service?

Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service (TCS) offers an extremely powerful way to send periodic data from the Maretron vessel monitoring and control system onboard your vessel to a cloud based storage service. Simply connect your Maretron Black Box ... Read More

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