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folders.png NMEA 2000 Network Design and Maintenance Tools

What is a backbone or trunk line?

The backbone, or trunk line, is the main network line usually running stem to stern in the vessel. Each end of the backbone or trunk line has a termination resistor. Individual products are connected to the network using drop lines off the main... Read More

What are the basic componets of an NMEA 2000 network?

Every NMEA 2000 network requires a power source or powertap, a backbone or trunk line with a terminator at each end, and two or more NMEA 2000 products connected with drops from the trunk line. You "tee" off of the backbone with drop cables to the... Read More

What is a Load Equivalance Number (LEN)?

A Load Equivalence Number or LEN is a whole number used to express the amount of current that is drawn from an NMEA 2000 network. One LEN is equal to 50mA. If a device draws 151mA of current from the network, then its LEN is 4. Note that the LEN is... Read More