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Testing a 4-20mA Transducer

Testing a 4-20mA Transducer both Maretron and 3rd party. Please keep in mind of all safety procedures while performing any troubleshooting.   Testing transducer while still connected to NMEA2000® via Maretron FPM100 or CLM100 Components... Read More

Does Maretron offer a DSM410 Gimble mount?

Does Maretron offer a DSM410 Gimbal mount? No, Maretron does not sell a DSM410 gimble mount. However, we do provide a 3D printer "STL" file (located in the attachment section below) that allows a 3D printer program to make the hardware on a 3D... Read More

Can I shrink wrap the end of the pressure transducer cable?

Maretron's guage type pressure transducers (0-1.5 PSI, 0-3 PSI, 0-5 PSI, 0-10 PSI, 0-50 PSI) require external venting relative to the atmospheric to operate. For our gauge sensors, the venting takes place through the end of the cable assembly. For a... Read More

Can a TMP100 be used to monitor engine coolant temperatures?

Yes, a TMP100 can be installed to monitor engine coolant temperature by simply using one of the two available high temperature channels located on the TMP100. Simply order an additional Maretron TP-EGT-1 accessory for the primary purpose to monitor... Read More

Can I use the DCR100 to turn on my Marine Audio Amplifier ?

Yes, The DCR100 can control your audio amplifier by way of the “Remote” input to the amplifier. For vessels with large audio networks an N2KView user can use this feature to selectively control audio amplifiers by way of a single or... Read More

Why N2K™?

Why N2K™? Why N2K, Maretron? Individuals, companies, consumers require a solution for many complex integration problems aboard a vessel. Maretron has developed a suite of N2K products to help integrators choose, develop, configure and validate... Read More

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