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Why N2K™?

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Why N2K™?

Why N2K, Maretron? Individuals, companies, consumers require a solution for many complex integration problems aboard a vessel. Maretron has developed a suite of N2K products to help integrators choose, develop, configure and validate the NMEA2000 value proposition. Maretron has taken this approach to help ease the transition for everyone that wish to have an integrated vessel.  Maretron N2K products can be summed up for using the mainstream definition.  N2K can resonate with any sea going operator that has had his experience with boats and the many happenings aboard. Maretron is here to help the boater sum up the tech and help relate to his installer with I "Need 2 Know" or best said I need to N2K this ".problem.".

Over the years Maretron LLP has developed products for purpose built solutions that can integrate into an standard cabling infrastructure creating a collective eco-system of information to help fulfill the N2K proposition.

 N2KView has been designed as the primary user interface for the N2K Eco-System. All sensor monitoring, vessel alerts, vessel control can be performed within this powerful graphical interface.

N2KBuilder is our premium N2K design tool developed by Maretron LLP. N2KBuilder will ensure that a designed N2K eco-system can be deployed properly. This design tool can serve many functions providing a template that individuals can use during the entire process of system deployment and upgrade. The program helps users, project managers, installers alike. the product is free for download from the Maretron website.

N2KAnalyzer provides a highly technical N2K™ solution that helps ensure the N2K-Ecosystem communication is operating within the intended design.

N2KExtractor, Maretron’s most advanced software offers delivery of stored data. The embodiment of the N2K™ term.  The program enables user’s who record the N2K data by way of the VDR100 to closely examine all parameters captured and stored from the N2K-Ecosystem.




When you Need to Know, Maretron’s  offers the N2K™ solution for nearly every aspect of your vessel.


The term N2K™ was trademarked by Maretron in 2007 under the industry for marine electronics. The use of N2K™ is a part of the name for all premium software programs developed by Maretron LLP. The logo "N2K" was initially created to help users sum up NMEA2000 into a easy term.   

Why N2K™?

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