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How do I set up My Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service?

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Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service (TCS) offers an extremely powerful way to send periodic data from the Maretron vessel monitoring and control system onboard your vessel to a cloud based storage service. Simply connect your Maretron Black Box (MBB200C or MBB300C) or Touchscreen (TSM800C or TSM1330C) to your vessel’s Internet connection, fill out the activation form, and select what parameters you want stored in the cloud. 

Telemetric Cloud Service requires certain hardware and software:


Set up your Telemetric Cloud Service following these steps:

1. If necessary, update N2KView software to 5.1.2 (software version number can be found under N2KView "About" tab).

2. Next get your serial number, which is shown within N2KView running on your hardware (MBB200C/MBB300C or TSM800C/TSM1330C). Go to Commands & Settings->Telemetrics, and the hardware Serial Number will be shown in the upper right corner (see Figure 1). You will need this serial number during the online sign up process.

3. Complete the online sign up for Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service (  Note: To complete the activation you must have the serial number of your hardware.

4. Once you have received the email confirming that your Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service is activated, you are ready to begin sending data from N2KView on the vessel to the Maretron Telemetric Cloud Server.


The next steps will show you how to configure your N2KView for sending data to the Maretron Telemetric Cloud Server.

1. Within N2KView, go to Commands & Settings->Telemetrics

2. With reference to Figure 2, click to select a parameter to be transmitted to the Maretron Telemetric Cloud Server.


3. As shown in Figure 3, edit the details for the information that you wish to transmit such as Title, Transmission Interval, and Instance/Source. Once the parameter is set, click Save.

Note: the configuration for each parameter will affect your data rates for your vessel’s Internet service. See Estimated Data Usage in Figure 3. The Estimated Data Usage for a single parameter does not include overhead; however, overhead is considered on a different screen where all parameters are shown together.


4. With reference to Figure 4, examine the list of Parameters you wish to send to Telemetric Cloud Service. Observe the Connection Status and confirm that the Enabled checkbox is checked, which will enable the service to begin sending data. Figure 3 shows a parameter list with Telemetric Cloud Service Enabled and an active connection to the Telemetric Cloud Service.

 5. The Estimated Data Usage box shown in figure 4 reflects data usage for all parameters including overhead.




How do I set up My Maretron Telemetric Cloud Service?

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