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How do I connect the Dometic Q-logic controller to the J2K100 for N2KView control?

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Please be advised, some Dometic controller modules will require the user to enable the CAN (J1939) output allowing the J2K100 to detect the signal.

  1. Please locate the Q-logic controller module and the J1939 interface connections.

    Figure 1 illustrates what the Q-logic J1939 interface should look like.
    * Depending on the generation of equipment, you may need to purchase this interface upgrade.

  2. Once you can confirm the J1939 interface is connected and working, connect the J2K100 between the Q-logic and the NMEA 2000 network refer to Figure 2.

  3. Figure 1 will show a green WAGO or Phoenix terminal connector labeled CAN on the Dometic PCB, we will to mate the following connections with the supplied Field Attachable connector.
    1. Connect Dometic CAN+ to the Field Connector terminal color white (CAN H).
    2. Connect Dometic CAN- to the Field Connector terminal color blue (CAN L).
    3. Connect Dometic GND to the Field Connector terminal color black (DC-/Ground)
  4. You will need to configure the J2K100 to the appropriate source address found within the J2K100 configuration menu using either a Maretron gateway, such as the USB100, paired with a Windows PC running our free N2KAnalyzer or a Maretron DSM Series Display.

    Select the desired source to be converted on J1939, then define the Instance value for this device to be presented on the NMEA 2000 network.

  5. The J2K100 supports the following NMEA 2000 Dometic PGNs.
    1. 130830     Dometic HVAC Status
    2. 130830     Dometic Icemaker Status

  6. Next we will navigate to N2KView and select the appropriate source component and apply the matching Instance value defined in the J2K100.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you are not detecting a J1939 source by the J2K100
    • Controller is powered on
    • Verify that CAN (J1939) output is enabled on the controller
    • Flip CAN+ and CAN- terminal connections
    • Very rare conditions - May need to add a terminating resistor to the J1939 network

If you experience any further issues, please contact our technical support team.

Toll Free (866) 550-9100 or by email at

How do I connect the Dometic Q-logic controller to the J2K100 for N2KView control?

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