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Using N2KAnalyzer, how do I recover a Maretron device?

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Occasionally, a device can be in "boot mode" (represented in N2KAnalyzer by an orange highlight of the device’s entry in the device list). This can happen due to a software update which fails due to network problems.

A Maretron device that is not fully operational but you can see the units serial number in the N2KAnalyzer may need to be recovered by Updating the units software. If you see a device row colored brown showing no model ID or Model version is in recovery mode. Using the feature "Update Device Software" will force the N2KAnalyzer software to restore the unit to factory defaults.

Select the affected device, right-click to display the context menu, and select "Update selected device software". A window will prompt you to enter the device’s part number (found on the device label) to which you wish to load firmware.

Warning: Improper part number entry may permanently damage the device. If you are not sure of using the device recovery, submit an RMA using the following link: 

Enter the appropriate part number using the list provided below. Click "OK" to begin your update. Once the update has successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation pop-up message.

A device’s part number can be obtained on the device label attached to the unit. In some cases the device cannot be physically located to determine the correct part number. The following list below represents all of Maretron product part numbers with a model ID.

Note: Choosing an incorrect part number for a device may cause the device to not work properly. 

P/N: Maretron Model ID
M000001 SSC200 
M000002 USB100
M000003 DSM200
M000004 GPS100
M000005 EMS100
M000006 J2K100
M000007 WSO100 
M000008 WSO100
M000011 DST100
M000016 TLA100
M000017 RAA100
M000021 SSC200
M000022 SSC200

DSM150 HW1


DSM150 HW2


DSM150 HW2 D

M000023 DSM250
M000024 DSM250
M000025 DSM250
M000074 DSM410
M000026 DCM100
M000027 ACM100
M000028 SIM100
M000029 RIM100
M000030 ALM100
M000031 TMP100
M000032 TLM100
M000033 TLM150
M000034 TLM200
M000035 APD100
M000036 GPS200 
M000037 DPD100
M000038 IPG100
M000039 FPM100
M000040 FFM100
M000041 NBE100
M000042 DCR100
M000043 DST110 transducer
M000044 DSM800
M000045 MBB100
M000046 SMS100
M000047 GPS200  
M000048 J2K100  
M000049 WSO200
M000050 VDR100
M000051 SSC300
M000052 TSM800
M000053 TSM1330
M000054 DSM150 
M000055 DSM150  
M000057 USB100 
M000058 TSM800C
M000059 TSN1330C
M000060 MBB200C
M000061 NBE100 
M000062 GPS200 
M000063 DSM150
M000064 DSM150 
M000065 TLA100 
M000066 RAA100 
M000067 TLM100  
M000068 TLM150  
M000069 TLM200
M000070 CLM100



Using N2KAnalyzer, how do I recover a Maretron device?

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