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folders.png FPM100

Can Maretron monitor a kerosene tank?

Yes! Using the Maretron FPM100 paired with either our submersible (Part # PTS-0-xPSI-01) or external (Part # PT-0-xPSI-01) pressure transducers will be able to monitor this type of fuel successfully. Kerosene has a density level of 0.81 g/cm3 or 810... Read More

Can I shrink wrap the end of the pressure transducer cable?

Maretron's guage type pressure transducers (0-1.5 PSI, 0-3 PSI, 0-5 PSI, 0-10 PSI, 0-50 PSI) require external venting relative to the atmospheric to operate. For our gauge sensors, the venting takes place through the end of the cable assembly. For a... Read More

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