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Can I receive alerts via email from N2KView?

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Yes! You are able to receive an email message in response to an alert status from a device running N2KView.

* This requires the transmitting device (Computer, MBB or TSM) to have internet access and an active email account in order to transmit the alert message(s).


Please use the following steps as a guide for initializing the email setup process.


Step 1

From any favorite screen, tap to reveal the available tabs and select Commands & Settings on the right.


Step 2

Select the tab labeled Alerts Setup


Step 3

Select the tab labeled Email Setup


Step 4

You will now setup the email address of which N2KView will use to send out the message and the default email address where the alerts are to be sent to.

**Popular e-mail server settings **


OR .......


Since N2KView version 6.4.1, you are able to utilize a built in Gmail account provided by Maretron, followed by the default email address where the alerts are to be sent to.

Enabling this check box allows the user to bypass email security profile setup. 


Step 5

Once you have entered all settings, select the Test button to verify connectivity and settings.
This will send a sample email notification to the associated email address listed.


Step 6

Verify you received an email with subject N2KView Test Email.

Step 7

Now enter any additional email addresses you wish to be included in the notification of an alert.


Step 8

Select Save and close the configuration windows


Additional email setup details can be found via the N2KView User Manual - Section 10.4.6


Step 9

Now that you have now completed the email profile(s) setup, next we will navigate to either Create or Modify an N2KView alert.

The following steps, we will modify an existing Alert.


Additional Alert setup details can be found via the N2KView User Manual - Section 10.2


Step 10

Under Commands & Settings, navigate back into Alerts Setup.


Step 11

Select the tab labeled Alert Table Editor.


Step 12

Select a desired Alert, then select Edit.


Step 13

Navigate to the Email tab along the header of the Alert Editor window.


Step 14

Next we will define the email notification to be sent for this specific Alert profile.

  • #1 - Enabling the email notification feature in the Triggered and/or Cleared states of the Alert
  • #2 - Selecting the desired Alert Operating Mode to utilize the email notification
  • #3 - Select desired user(s) to notify via email
  • #4 - Optional - Define a message to be sent within the Alert email notification in the Triggered and/or Cleared states of the Alert

Once the parameters have been fully defined, press the Save button to close the window.


Step 15

Once you have completed adding/modifying all N2KView alerts, press the Close button on both windows to return to your Favorite Screens.



** Troubleshooting **

If you did not receive a confirmation test email

-        Verify all server, port and account settings

-        Your account may require 2-Factor authentication (App-Password)


Get an App Password for Gmail

Step 1

Login into your Gmail account and enter Account settings


Step 2

Select the Security option on the left-hand side


Step 3

For security purposes, we will need to enable 2-Step Verification

As the following screens constantly change, please follow the on-screen prompts and confirm a mobile # associated to the account.


Step 4

Navigate to the App passwords section


Step 5

Select the Select app to reveal a drop-down list


Step 6

Select option labeled Other (Custom name)


Step 7

Label the program N2KView, then click the tab GENERATE


Step 8

Utilize the newly generated password back into the N2KView application email setup



Get an App Password for Outlook

Once you've set up two-step verification, you need to obtain an App Password to be able to connect again to your account in Outlook Desktop, Outlook Mobile or another Mail App using the EAS protocol.

  1. In your account management go back to the Additional security options.
    You can also use this direct link to the -
  2. Under the “App passwords” header, click on: Create a new app password
    You can also use this direct link to the -
  3. Use the generated password which is being displayed to log into the N2KView application.


For additional support or questions please contact Maretron Support at or (866) 550-9100.

Can I receive alerts via email from N2KView?

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