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Can Maretron devices be displayed on a Raymarine Seatalk NG network?

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Yes, many of Maretron device’s data can be displayed on Raymarine Chart-plotters With Seatalk and Seatalk ng functionality. Firstly, Maretron recommends that customers verify device compatibility by reviewing the Maretron product’s datasheet specifically the transmit PGN section of the datasheet (page 2). Second, review the Chart plotters datasheet for Received PGN list for display to confirm the compatibility.

Please note: Several Maretron devices allow for multi message distinction for example: PGN 130314(Temperature) allows for source selection with instance number selection, a configuration that can only be adjusted using a Maretron interface. The device configuration can be performed using a Maretron DSM150/250/410 or our N2KAnalyzer software tool only.

Raymarine offers a Seatalk NG to Devicenet converter cable which helps connect a Maretron device to a Seatalk NG network. 

Contact Raymarine for more information about part number A06045. 



Can Maretron devices be displayed on a Raymarine Seatalk NG network?

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