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What is the SMS100 Status message? Which Maretron components do I need?

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The SMS100 Status Message is a text message you can receive from the SMS100 containing key pieces of information regarding your vessel.

When the SMS100 is installed, you can text the word "Status"  to your SMS100 cellular number and receive a response from your vessel.

The SMS100 Status Message contains the following vessel information:

  • Vessel Position
  • Bilge Status
  • Battery Voltage
  • AC Voltage
  • Wind Speed
  • Temperature Inside
  • Temperature outside

In order for the SMS100 to provide vessel details in the "Status" response message, ensure that the following list of devices are configured for instance zero and operational on your vessel’s NMEA 2000 network.

Vessel Position: GPS200(Set to device instance zero)

Bilge: monitored by a RIM100 or SIM100 (Set to Switch Bank Status instance zero)

Battery Voltage: DCM100 (Set to Battery instance zero)

AC Voltage: ACM100 (Set to Device instance zero)

Wind Speed: WSO100 (Set to Device instance zero)

Inside Temperature: TMP100 (Set designated channel to inside temperature instance zero)

Outside Temperature: WSO100 (Set outside temperature channel to zero) 

Here is an example of a NMEA2000(N2K) network containing all the necessary components for the vessel "Status" message from the SMS100.

What is the SMS100 Status message? Which Maretron components do I need?

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