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What video system can be used with N2KView?

N2KView is designed to display data from IP cameras produced by AXIS Communications.  

    • Axis P39 Network Camera. This is a low-profile camera powered over the Ethernet cable.
    • Axis M31 Network Camera. a flexible mini dome that gives you built-in IR illumination and HDTV 720p 

    • Axis M30 Network Camera. This is a sophisticated camera with hardware Pan Tilt and Zoom. It requires a 12V power supply which is supplied with the camera.
    • Axis Single Video Server 241S


  • Axis Quad Video Server 241Q

  • USB Camera (limited functionality)

The two video servers allow the connection of analog cameras to the video server using co-axial cable, which then serves the video to N2KView via Ethernet. The cameras require a separate 12V power supply.

Connection of IP cameras requires knowledge of computer networks to allocate an IP address to each camera. The camera is identified by N2KView using this address (please refer to the N2KView User's Manual for more information). In simple networks, the IP address can be permanently set inside the camera; in more complex networks a server can dynamically allocate the IP address to the camera, and the camera addressed though its domain name.

Data Sheets for above cameras can be found using this link: .

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