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How do I a create a vessel’s NMEA 2000 network file (boat file)?

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Creating a Boatfile provides the user a "snapshot" of all of the devices that were actively connected to the NMEA 2000 network.

For every device it will provide a device’s label, serial number, software version, and transmitted data.
For Maretron and Carling Devices, in addition, will save the configuration files for the device creating a backup if the device ever needs to be restored or replaced.

The process for creating a boatfile will require the following components:


Saving your Boatfile

  1. Within the Setup tab upper left-hand corner, from the drop-down menu, verify that the Save Device Config feature is enabled.

  2. While actively connected to your NMEA 2000 network, press the Save icon in the upper left-hand corner.

  3. This will open a Windows Explorer window. Select a destination of where to save the file. i.e. Desktop or USB
    In this example, I have selected a USB drive.

  4. Create a file name, suggestion would be the Vessel Name & Date Captured.
    Once labeled, press Save.

  5. This will begin the save process and a progress window will appear.
    Once the process is complete, the window will automatically close and return to the main overview screen.

  6. Access the location you have selected in Step 3 to verify the file has been saved successfully.


Keep this file for your records, in addition, you are also welcome to send to the Maretron Support Team for review and/or a secondary back up location.

How do I a create a vessel’s NMEA 2000 network file (boat file)?

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