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I have configured my DSM (250, 410, or 570), how do I perform a backup & restore?

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Now that you have configured your DSM Display just the way you want it. Once complete you can backup all your work using the following method: 

You must have several items prepared on the NMEA 2000 network in addition to your Windows PC to begin:

  • USB100 or IPG100 Gateway
  • N2KAnalyzer V3 Installed
  • DSM Series Display

In order to transfer the custom settings from the network DSM410 or 250 to the N2KAnalyzer's DSM250 Emulator as follows:

  1. Start the N2KAnalyzer program and verify you have the latest version of software by visiting Maretron's website. Connect to an active NMEA 2000 network using the USB100 or IPG100 gateway.
  2. Once N2KAnalyzer has made a connection, verify the DSM Display you wish to back up is visible on the list of devices shown within the N2KAnalyzer.
  3. Start the DSM250 emulator by selecting the DSM "Hot-Key" in the main menu of the N2KAnalyzer (upper left side of window).

  4. In many cases, the DSM250 emulator may need to perform an address clam in order to be visible to other devices on the network.
    On the DSM250 emulator, simply press the < Enter > key  . Scroll to "Configuration..." and press < Enter >, then scroll to "Device Selection..." and press < Enter >.
  5. Go to the live DSM Series Display on the NMEA 2000 network whose settings you wish to back up.
  6. Select "Device Configuration..." and press < Enter >. Scroll through the list of devices to find the DSM250 emulator (the DSM250 emulator will show with a serial number of "1309999 or 1309900").
    Select the DSM250 emulator by pressing the < Enter > key, and then scroll to "Copy all settings from local display" as shown below, then press < Enter >.

  7. A confirmation pop-up will display on your local DSM Display notifying you that the file has been transferred successfully.

  8. Go to the DSM250 emulator in N2KAnalyzer to inspect that the configuration transferred correctly.
    When you are satisfied that the configuration is ready to be saved, simply click on the command button in the upper right-hand side of the DSM250 emulator.

  9. Select the "Save As" option within the command window and then save the file to a location on your PC.
    If you plan to backup multiple DSM Series Displays, be descriptive with the file name.



This same process can be used for transferring DSM Configurations from DSM150, DSM250, DSM410 and DSM570 to another DSM Display on the same NMEA 2000 network.
Keep in mind, you will always transfer a configuration file from the source DSM display.

Please contact our Maretron Support team if you have any further questions.       (866) 550-9100


I have configured my DSM (250, 410, or 570), how do I perform a backup & restore?

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