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How do I perform J2K100 quick setup using the N2KAnalyzer program?

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Refer to this article for help on setting up your first J2K100 especially when connected to the following engine manufacturers J1939 networks:

Caterpillar, John Deere, Cummins, Steyr, ECU Delphi Mefi 4-6, Crusader, MAN, Detroit Diesel, Volvo-Penta (EVC, EDC, and GXI) and most J1939 compliant engines.

Image shows two separate J1939 engines no J1939 network(Port/Starboard configuration).

J2K100 Quick Configuration Steps. 
The J2K100 can be configured using the DSM250 or the N2KAnalyzer. This article provides an easy setup process to configure the J2K100 to convert Engine Data, AC control, Generator, and Icemaker Control.

First run the N2KAnalyzer and confirm connection to the NMEA2000 network using one of two Maretron protocol gateways and IPG100 or USB100.

When N2KAnalyzer reads device information from the NMEA2000 network, search for the J2K100 you wish to configure.
- Select the J2K100, a selected device is shown with a blue row.
- Right Click on the J2K100 row and select option "Configure Device".

The Configure Device Dialog window has different calibration options specific to each Maretron product. 

Common command buttons for the configure device are located at the bottom of the dialog box:
The common configure options are:
- Save a configuration
- Load a device configuration
- Reset the device configuration
- Restore a device configuration to factory defaults
- Put a configuration to a device.

Put a Configuration to a Device.
When you have chosen a device and made all necessary edits within the device configuration dialog you are now ready to store the configuration to the device. Simply click on "Put Config To Device", to send the desired configuration.
Here is a easy five step process for the J2K100: 
The engine must be in the Key ON state in order for the J2K100 to receive J1939 messages and convert to NMEA2000. 

J2K100 Configuration Steps(engine Key On) 
1. First, locate and press the "Refresh J1939 Source Address List" command button.  Now, choose a engine J1939 source address you wish the J2K100 to use.
   - If you do not see any values populating for J1939 source addresses, you may need to address engine wiring to J1939 port of J2K100 or the features may need to be enabled by the engine manufacturer or an authorized engine service technician.
2. Input the J1939 source address you wish the J2K100 to lock on to.
3. Designate the NMEA2000 Engine instance you want the J2K100 to transmit over NMEA2000.
4. Label the J2K100 for easy selection on a Maretron display.
5. Finally, press "Put Config to Device".

The Device will respond with a message "Configuration successfully put to device.

Now you will be able to review the information on your display to confirm you have engine data viewed properly. 
If you have not initialized the NMEA2000 display, simply use the N2KAnalyzer option "Analyze Transmitted PGNs" to examine the J2K100 output PGNs. 
Engine PGNs consist of 127488 and 127489. 

Repeat each step for every J2K100 on your network. Remember each J2K100 converting engine data requires a unique instance. The Unique instance is shown as step number 3 in the configuration graphic.


How do I perform J2K100 quick setup using the N2KAnalyzer program?

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