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What software changes have taken place with N2KAnalyzer?

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N2KAnalyzer is a PC based application, when paired with a Maretron gateway, allows a user to gain access to the devices on their NMEA 2000® network for providing Maretron device setup, network analysis, network troubleshooting and Maretron device recovery.


Maretron announces the release of the new N2KAnalyzer® V3 software, which provides access to all Maretron, MPower and OctoPlex devices!

Windows user are able to download the latest version of N2KAnalyzer V3 via the following link to pair with their Maretron NMEA 2000® gateway, USB100 or IPG100.

Users Running N2KAnalyzer Version 2.1.14 or older

You will need to manually download and install the latest version of N2KAnalyzer via the link above as the built-in Update Utility will not update the application automatically.

Please contact support at or toll free at (866) 550-9100 if you experience any issues with installation or connection to your NMEA 2000® network.

The latest release of N2KAnalyzer V3 is version


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version from (2024-02)

New Features

  • CLMD16 software enhancements from to
    • Hardwired Input(s) sensed voltage value can now be broadcast over NMEA 2000® via PGN 127508 (CLMD16SW-23)
    • 'Soft Turn ON/OFF'. An automatic lighting effect that enables a PWM ramp over 1s for a breaker(s) PWM value from 0% to 100% when turning ON, and from 100% to 0% when turning OFF. (CLMD16SW-66)
    • 'Group Switching', enabling this 'Global Commander' capability that can command any breaker On or Off and it's PWM value. This feature supports Sequential Input detection.(CLMD16SW-58)
    • Discrete I/O input count increased from 32 to 48. (CLMD16SW-55)
  • CLMD12 software enhancements from 01.14.10 to 01.15.50
    • Create ability to have a channel controlled by a flash map but with inverse polarity from normal (CLMD12-7)
    • Sequential Switching (Logic State Machine) (CLMD12-8)
    • Ability to "Turn On" Individual Instance Broadcast of 127508 PGN for Voltage Sensing Inputs 1-7 (CLMD12-9)
    • Addition of CLMD12 'Manual Mode' (CLMD15-15)
    • Create an Automatic Lighting Effect via Pre-Defined PWM Ramp (Soft ON/OFF) (CLMD12-25)
    • Allow the CLMD12 Hardwired Voltage Sensing Inputs to be Configurable (CLMD12-39)
    • Multiple channel Windshield wiper synchronization (CLMD12-31)
  • Added configuration support for WSO200
  • Added configuration support for SMS200
  • Updated Maretron Image Library 09/20/23
  • Updated MPower Image Library

Enhancements & Corrections

  • CLMD16
    • Correct bug where direct (Network) PWM control of a breaker could not be commanded when Counter switching element is implemented on a breaker(s) (CLMD16SW-31)
    • Correct bug where PWM default is ignored when a Counter switching element is implemented on a breaker (CLMD16SW-53)
    • Correct bug where when commanding PWM level via 127500, the CLMD16 would not accept the command (CLMD16SW-79) (CLMD16SW-81)
    • Changed PWM frequency rate of breaker channels 1,2,11,12 from 20khz to 200Hz when applicable (PWM Enabled) to reduce CLMD16 electrical noise (CLMD16SW-82)
    • Improvements to NMEA 2000 Binary Status Report PGN 127501 periodic update refresh rate. Rate has been changed from 15s periodic update to 1.5s periodic update. (CLMD16SW-71)
    • Corrected bug where input signal would be ignored if in an 'Active High' or (On) state before power-up initialization and channel stay off. (CLMD16SW-19)
    • Improvement to 'One Button Smooth Scroll' Counter switching element. The Toggle signal for this feature now operates on the Falling Edge of the assigned input signal if not longer than 'Hold Period'. This improvement allows for the breaker not to turn Off before allowing the user to re-enter 'Smooth Scroll Mode'. (CLMD16SW-21)
    • Correct bug where breakers configured 'Default State On' 'Default Lock State On' will not enable breaker on at power-up. (CLMD16SW-56)
    • Improvement to paralleled breaker on indication. Both breakers will now show on instead of just the primary breaker when breakers are paralleled. (CLMD16SW-60)
    • Correct bug where Counters 9-16 would not write to device. (CLMD16SW-61)
    • Correct bug where Default State: 'Last State' would not be restored after power-up. (CLMD16SW-78)
    • Improvement to Current Loop Input channel: The Current Loop channel will now periodically reset after a short-circuit is detected, allowing incorrect wiring of a sensor not to disable the input even after wiring is corrected. (CLMD16SW-87)
    • Improvement to Current Summation (Unit Over-Current Fault) detection. The unit Overcurrent fault will now activate when the unit's live current consumption of all breakers summed exceeds 140A for a duration of over 1s. (CLMD16SW-115)
    • Resolved the issue of counter channels resetting to the default dim value instead of min value. (CLMD16SW-80)
    • Resolved the issue of channel with active input turning off instead staying on when Manual Override is turned off. (CLMD16SW-107)
    • Resolved the issue of high in-rush current with high capacitance or inductive loads tripping the channels. (CLMD16SW-119)
    • Resolved the issue of Analog Input indexing causing a stuck-low in certain inputs. (CLMD16SW-114)
    • Resolve issue of CLMD16 in bootloader mode not being able to upload new firmware.
  • CLMD12
    • Corrected bug where Channel 1 can flash and/or turn on or off unexpectedly (CLMD12-22)
    • Change CLMD12 Factory Current Rating and ECB Current Rating Write Order (CLMD12-33)
  • Correct support for installation on TSM/MBB devices using WINE on Linux.
  • Correct support for TSM/MBB devices that have limited screen resolution. The dialogs now correctly scale and scroll.
  • Miscellaneous application bug fixes and improvements.


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version from (2022-05)

New Features

  • Updated Maretron Image library 03/16/22
    • DSM410 -
    • DSM570 -
    • IPG100 -
  • Updated MPower Image library
    • CKMF12 - 2.01.00
    • CLMD12 - 01.14.11
    • CLMD16 -
    • VMM6 - 1.07.00

Changes in N2KAnalyzer version from (2022-03)


  • CLMD12
    • Removed "Factory Current Rating" dialog box (N2KA-18)
    • Delete “ECB Model revision #” in the “General” tab ECB parameter section. (N2KA-20)
    • Make PWM slider bar visible only if PWM is enabled for that channel. (N2KA-23)
    • Add read-only information of Max ECB current rating in the "General Tab" ECB breaker # designation (N2KA-31)
    • Uniformity of labeling Inputs (N2KA-41)
    • Uniformity in Hardwired Inputs 'On Levels' (N2KA-46)
  • CLMD16
    • Show tank volume calculations in 1k Ohms and 0-250 Ohm Tank Calibration dialogs (N2KA-15)
    • Remove “Analog Reference” dialog for Input channels 9-11 (N2KA-16)
    • Add read-only information of max ECB current rating in the “General” tab ECB breaker number designation (N2KA-19)
    • Swap live voltage and current positions to match the CLMD12. (N2KA-24)
    • Remove “Ch x Tripped” and “Ch X Thermal Limit Hit” from input selection. (N2KA-25)
    • Applied a default set value when "One Button Smooth Scroll" is selected as a "Counter Type" (N2KA-26)
    • Change Naming Convention of "Binary Event" to “Input” (N2KA-27)
    • PWM Control Slider not visible when PWM Counter is enabled (N2KA-33)
    • Fix order of counter types (N2KA-63)
  • CKM12
    • Reorganized configuration dialog box (N2KA-28)
  • VMM6
    • Reorganized configuration dialog box (N2KA-29)
  • CLM100
    • Support latest features added in SW and (N2KA-35)
  • J2K100
    • Updated instancing labels within configuration dialog box (N2KA-50)
  • SSC300
    • Corrected issue where calibration would fail (N2KA-48)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, grammatical corrections and stability improvements

New Features

  • Updated sample vessel file (N2KA-36)
  • Added links under Web tab [Remote Support, IPG100 Recovery, VDR100 Recovery] (N2KA-42)
  • Updated splash screen logo (N2KA-45)
  • Displays warning if installing on an ARM-based Windows device (N2KA-49)
  • N2KAnalyzer installer tool requires admin privileges to install


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version from (2022)


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version from (2021-06)


  • CLMD16
    • Modified general tab to get channel voltages and currents from standard PGN 127751
    • Fixed bugs and performance issues with tank calibration
    • Added ability to use breaker states as switching application inputs
    • Fixed a buffer overflow that was corrupting the heap. 
    • Added Manual Mode parameter (default OFF) to disable the direct effect of Network Input signal changes on the same numbered breakers.
    • Added ability to use breaker statuses as switching application input
    • Add code to enable/disable the "Manual Mode" and "Toggle Mode" controls when channels are grouped or ungrouped.
  • CLMD12
    • Added code to enable CLMD12 to start flash cycle with off state rather than ON state
  • GPS200
    • Created an option to dump GPS module firmware for GPS200 HW 3
    • Added code to dump Locosys GPS module firmware
    • Hide and disable the UI button to “Update Module Firmware”
  • General
    • Removed the need to acknowledge "success" dialogs.  This is a problem when saving a boat file, as user has to click OK for every single device on the network.
    • Modified startup code so that holding left shift and control keys will bypass the automatic gateway reconnect
    • Modified License Validator to look at all Ethernet MAC addresses to validate the OctoPlex Configuration License
    • Update build number to 3.0.6.x
    • Refresh the splash screen graphics with correct MPower logo
    • Fixed a memory-access bug that could crash the application when starting the DSM emulator
    • Added structured exception handling to catch some intermittent and recoverable crashes.
    • Updated the NMEA manufacturer database based on the list dated Feb 5th, 2021

New Features

  • Update Maretron Image Library
    • DSM570 -
  • Update MPower Image Library
    • CLMD12 - 1.14.10
    • CLMD16 -


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version 3.0.4 from 3.0.3 (2021-03)


  • Fixed issue with labels showing up for the wrong device on main screen
  • Renamed "Unique Instance" column to "Data Instance", and positioned column following "Device Instance"

New Features

  • New USB100 driver to address stability issues for Windows 7 and newer, older Window versions will continue to use legacy driver


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version 3.0.3 from 3.0.1 (2021-02)


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Improved CLMD12 breaker combining


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version 3.0.1 from 3.0.0


  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version 3.0.0 from   -   N2KAnalyzer V3 Introduction

New Features

  • Added configuration support for MPower devices (CLMD16, CLMD12, VMM and CKM)
  • Refresh the splash screen graphics with new logo for Carling Products
  • Combined database utilities of Maretron N2KAnalyzer and Carling G2Analzyer
  • Updated Maretron Software Directory with latest releases


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version 2.4.22 from 2.4.21 (2019-02)


  • Support NBE100 PGN filter configuration
  • Support NBE100 BOOT firmware upgrade for NBE100 HW 2.0
  • Support J2K100 BOOT firmware upgrade for J2K100 HW 2.0

New Features

  • Update Maretron Image Library
    • J2K100 -
    • J2K100 - BOOT 2.1.2
    • NBE100 -


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version 2.4.20 from 2.4.19 (2018-07)


  • Support flashing DCM100 HW 2.0 (4466)
  • Limit transmission rate to be compatible with 250kbps CAN bus

New Features

  • Update Maretron Image Library
    • VDR100 -

Changes in N2KAnalyzer version 2.4.19 from 2.4.18 (2018-04)


  • Support flashing VDR100 and IPG100 firmware via USB Gateway (4454)
  • Fixed DF60009 translation issue (4453)
  • Check and display warning if VDR100 is not ready to be upgraded (4458)

New Features

  • Update Maretron Image Library
    • FPM100 -
    • VDR100 -


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version 2.4.18 from 2.4.16 (2018-01)


  • Added bandwidth measurement (4427)
  • Added ability to set fixed node address on GPS200 (4422)
  • Correct improper display of "Preparing device for update" when moving to new flash block (4423)
  • Increase flash erase timeout for software updating (4428)
  • Eliminate flashing hourglass cursor during some grid updates (4424)
  • Program stability improvement (4426, 4429)

New Features

  • Update Maretron Image Library
    • DSM150 HW 1.0 -
    • DSM150 HW 2.0 -
    • DSM250 -
    • DSM410 -
    • IPG100 -
    • USB100 HW 1.0 -
    • USB100 HW 2.0 -


Changes in N2KAnalyzer version 2.1.x Series

  • New "Boat File" backup features!
  • Examine a "Boat file" instancing analysis and correction aids
  • New Data collision analysis feature on/off-line
  • New bus bandwidth meter.
  • Connects to IPG100.
  • VDR100 support
  • DSM410 support
  • SMS100 support
  • DSM150 support
  • TSM800/1330 support
  • Added Tank diagnostic support
  • Added CLM100 loop current support
  • Support flashing DCM100 HW 2.0


What software changes have taken place with N2KAnalyzer?

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