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What are the latest changes that have been made to N2KView on Maretron’s Legacy Devices?

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Maretron announces the release of version 5.1.12 of the N2KView® NMEA 2000® Network Display Software. The program is available from ( under the Updates tab of the device that you are updating.


The full build number of the version is


Changes in N2KView version 5.1.12 from 5.1.8



  • Corrected Telemetrics not initializing Cloud Connection (4442)
  • Corrected Video not working (4443)
  • Corrected alignment of text in Digital Controls (4444)
  • Corrected Add New Screen opening existing screen (4445)
  • Corrected Flashing Value line on Graphs (4446)
  • Include Sysfiles 20180228 to correct USB disconnecting (Black Box Versions only) (4447)
  • Corrected requesting a label with instance 255 not returning a result (4396)
  • Only accept a Date and Time from the GPS if the time is not the same as the last time reported(4406)
  • Prevented Vessel Operating Mode from switching back to previous value (4416)
  • Correct saving "Disk Fault" messages when saving Indicator Graphs (4437)
  • Include Sysfiles 20180309 to improve recovery from CAN bus failures (4451)



New Features

  • Added version numbers of added Black Box options to About Dialog (Black Box Versions only) (4415)
  • Added N2KView version number to Configuration file (4417)
  • Added #blank command to allow detection of stuck pixels (Black Box Versions only) (4430)


Changes in N2KView version 5.1.10 from 5.1.8
  • Return Label PGNs when requested with Instance No of 255 (4396)
  • Correctly handle System Time PGNS that do not change (4406) – Black Box versions only
  • Prevented Vessel Operating Mode from switching back to previous value (4416)
  • Corrected "Disk Fault" messages when saving Indicator Graphs (4437)
  • Corrected flashing of value in graphs in version 5.1.9 (4438)
New Features
  • Added version numbers of added Black Box options to About Dialog (4415) – Black Box versions only
  • Added N2KView version number to Configuration file (4417)
Changes in N2KView version 5.1.8 from 5.1.7



  • Improved System Response when saving graph history to disk. Previously the system would become unresponsive while this was taking place (4375)
  • Corrected Instance Analyzer conflict on PGN 59392, ISO Acknowledgment (4376)
  • Corrected Anchor Watch triggering too soon (4379)
  • Corrected Saving of favorite screen to USB drive [TSM/MBB only] (4385)
  • Added NMEA 2000 connections to default parameter list for Telemetric Cloud Service [TSM/MBB only](4386)



  • Prevent N2KView from resetting both connections when one fails [TSM/MBB only] (4390)


  • Include SysUpdate 20171023 to correct "Occasional loss of NMEA 2000 data that requires a power cycle to correct" [TSM/MBB only] (4391)

New Features

  • Added an Action Text Field to Alerts (4364)



Changes in N2KView version 5.1.7 from 5.1.6



  • Corrected display of Device Instance in local display (4259)
  • Prevent using NMEA 2000 Time Offset from crashing the program when the PGN data is unavailable (4339)
  • Prevent temperature difference calculations from crashing the Parameter List when 2nd temperature is unavailable (4340)
  • Prevent N2KView from accepting Remote Alerts with Alert Id = 0xFFFF (4347)
  • Only accept a Date and Time from the GPS if the position is valid (4351)
  • Correct Conversion of Flow Rate to gal/min (4352)
  • Remove references to ’Elite’ and ’Q Logic’ (4353)
  • Correct display of Reset Date in Connections Dialog (4354)
  • Allow rudder instance messages from Simrad with rudder instance set to 255 (4357)
  • Corrected display of negative Trip Volume in PGN 65287 (4361)
  • Eliminated flicker on TSM800C and 1330C platforms when woken up from screen blanking. (4373)
  • Include System Files Version 20170926 to prevent corruption of Serial number which caused N2KView to lose CAN communication (4374)



New Features

  • Added an Alert/Vessel Mode table to enable easy enabling and disabling of alerts (4266) 


Changes in N2KView version 5.1.6 from 5.1.5



  • Corrected transmission of Date and Time values to the Telemetric Cloud Service (4116)
  • Corrected format of Alert Mode Text in status bar (4175)
  • Remove extraneous files from Sysfiles tree (4186)
  • Corrected re-connection of TCS Connection when it is lost under certain conditions (4210)
  • Corrected the updating of the first load in the AC Load Shedding dialog (4222)
  • Corrected the display of label in the AC Load Shedding Source Digital displays (4225)
  • Corrected the handling of messages fragmented due to the new CDC cipher implementation in the  Server Connection (4258)
  • Corrected the display of Instance labels when Creating Tank Alerts (4262)
  • Limit entries in Alert Log to prevent performance problems (4263)


New Features

  • Create multi-line text box component (1204)
  • Implement NMEA 2000 Standard Alert Messages (1541)
  • Add Active buttons to change Vessel Operating Mode (2123)
  • Add a filter to the table in the Alerts Setup dialog (4088)
  • Add a Data Not Available Alert for Transmission : Gear (4139)
  • Check for correct time and date on installation of update. If the computer time is wrong, updates can be aborted with the message that the ’Installer is damaged’. (4160)
  • Create a new digital component with a colored background (4219)
  • Implement new NMEA2000 Watermaker status and control PGNs (4244)
  • Create a new dialog to allow selection of Load Shed source without a password (4251)
  • Move all data stored out of application storage directory (4252)




Changes in N2KView version 5.1.5 from 5.1.4



  • Corrected display of missing Text Components. Version 5.1.4 would not display Text Components on the screen. (4090)
  • Corrected intermittent crash when closing a dialog (4091)


Changes in N2KView version 5.1.4 from 5.1.3

New Features

  • Keep the background filename when the background file is not present (4061)


  • Corrected Automatic Cycling of the screens (4070)
  • Corrected creation of new Humidity components (4075)
  • Corrected display of multiple Anchor Watch Controls (4078)


Changes in N2KView version 5.1.3 from 5.1.2

New Features

  • Added support for Twin Disc Transmission PGNs, interfaced through J2K100 (4045)


  • Corrected calculation of Distance to Empty (4044)
  • Improved saving of configurations to prevent zero length files on USB drives (4049)
  • Corrected sounding of annunciators that are disabled (4057)

Changes in N2KView version 5.1.2 from 5.0.15
• New Features

  • Add support for Telemetric Cloud Service (4009, 4012, 4018)
  • Add Alert Log (3525)

• Corrections

  • Extended timeout on "Global Alerts Disabled" to prevent warning flashing on displays that are not generating Global Alerts (3830)
  • Corrected updating of System Clock from GPS to prevent spurious times from changing the System Clock (3951)
  • Replaced all Adobe Timers with Maretron Timers to allow repeat operations after 25 days (3836)
  • Added a button to remove a condition from an Alert (3984)
  • Corrected BNWAS Alert not sounding an Annunciator (3987)
  • Added virtual keyboard to User fields in Alert Options dialog (3989)
  • Corrected Dew Point calculation using PGNs 130311/12 (3997)
  • Added DC16 Octolite to known Carling Devices (4008)
  • Corrected Creation of Video Component (4010)
  • Corrected Saving of Configuration to USB from PC (4011)


Changes in N2KView version 5.0.15 from 5.0.14

New Features

  • Added option to enable or disable triggering of Global Alerts from this Terminal (3735)
  • Added Smart buttons to a screen to change time scales of all the graphs on the page (3775)
  • Display the Breaker control in the Alert Detail dialog only when the alert is generated by a Load Controller (3792)
  • Minimize bus commands to ALM100 when volume is zero (3794)
  • Allow hiding of some favorite screens (3799)
  • Allow user to set titles of User 1 and User 2 Vessel Modes (3801)
  • Added support for General Touch touchscreen (3816) (MBB100/MBB200C only)


 Changes in N2KView version 5.0.14 from 5.0.13

New Features

  •     Display which parameters are not available on the network in grey while authoring (934)
  •     Enabled indicators to have different ON/OFF/ERROR wording (3000)
  •     Allow user to remove Reset button in Hardware Timers and Counters (3253)
  •     Added more connection types for Emails, (correcting limitation with Gmail servers) (3661)
  •     Added ton to units for Force (3748)
  •     Decorated switches with "Local Override" when Carling DC box is in the Local mode (3751)


  •     Pressing space when the cursor is on a button will now execute the function of the button (1990)
  •     Removed averaging from accumulating volumes and capacities (2373)
  •     Fixed overlapping text on video if no camera is defined (3038)
  •     Changed wording of Alert Detail Dialog when alert has no condition (3524)
  •     Will not queue SMS’s when there is no number to send them to (3547)
  •     Corrected use of USER_DEFINED humidity sources (3592)
  •     Corrected synchronization of Operating Mode (3697)
  •     Corrected opening of Tripped Breaker Edit dialog with passwords enabled (3704)

 Changes in N2KView version 5.0.13 (not released) from 5.0.12

  • New Features
  •     Split Alert Operating mode dialog into two (3548)


  •     Corrected error when loading from backup files (3695)
  •     Corrected display of breaker in remote alerts (3696)
  •     Corrected decoding of Carling Gen II AC breaker status for breakers 17-19 (3699)

Changes in N2KView version 5.0.12 (not released) from 5.0.11

New Features

  •     Added Active buttons to open dialogs (3692)
  •     Added Back button to Alerts page (3693)


  •     Removed decorations from unpopulated breakers (3686)
  •     Corrected crash when pressing Enter on loading backgrounds (3691)
  •     Improved requesting of Labels (3694)   

Changes in N2KView version 5.0.11 (not released) from 5.0.10

New Features   

  •     Added Device Label to Device header in Connected Devices Dialog (3682)



  •     Prevented Saving of a Configuration over itself, which erases background images (3676)
  •     Corrected display of Group Switch Controls / Indicators when one switch is Unknown (3679)
  •     Corrected display of "Group Switch" decoration when state is UNKNOWN (3680)  
  •     Added Request for Carling Breaker status from each breaker on a page in the Breakers Screen Dialog. (3684)

Changes in N2KView version 5.0.10 from version 5.0.9

New Features

  • Added a message for the user to reboot when updating after changing the label (3489)
  • Switch in Alert Detail dialog will now show the breaker label (3588)
  • Added Alert location field to email title (3601)
  • Added "Any" to instance number selection of Navigation parameters (3606)
  • Added Battery Temperature to Alert Conditions (3653)


  • Corrected setting of Anchor Watch when not in Anchored State (3491)
  • Corrected release of momentary buttons when cursor id dragged off the button (3570)
  • Corrected display of position format under Digital controls (3583)
  • Corrected loading of Configurations with spaces in their names (3607)
  • Corrected display of ETA from navigation system (3608)
  • Corrected updating of default configuration after save to USB Drive (3627)
  • Corrected adding more than 10 breakers to Switch/Breaker Group (3643)
  • Corrected display of Chinese characters in some dialogs (3650)
  • Corrected operation of Group Indicators (3665)


 Changes in N2KView version 5.0.9 from version 5.0.8

 This change is only applicable to the DSM800, MBB100, MBB200C, TSM800, TSM800C, TSM1330 and TSM1330C products.


  • Corrected startup with wrong configuration (3599) – [Black Box version only]

 Changes in N2KView version 5.0.8 from version 5.0.7

 This change is only applicable to the DSM800, MBB100, MBB200C, TSM800, TSM800C,TSM1330 and TSM1330C products.


  •  Corrected startup with blank configuration after Update (3593) – [Black Box version only]


Changes in N2KView version 5.0.7 from version 5.0.6

 New Features

  • Save changes in NMEA 2000 Connection Dialog without needing to make a connection (3504)
  • Added a default choice of Lat/Long format to Units Dialog (1381)
  • Added Parameters to support CLM100 (3531)


  • Corrected continuous tone on PC speaker (2437) – [PC version only]
  • Corrected German text for Depth and Volume (3085)
  • Corrected virtual keyboard in Save Dialog (3526)
  • Corrected calculation of DC Power (3537)
  • Corrected saving and updating of configurations (3543)
  • Removed background from Backlit Push Button (3550)
  • Updated firmware to version (3560) – [MBB200C, TSM800C, TSM1330C only]

 Changes in N2KView version 5.0.4 from version 5.0.3

New Features:

  • Added Conditions to Alerts (1835)
  • Increased precision of display of AC Power to 3 digits. (3388)
  • Added ability to display and control breakers for Remote Alerts in Alert Details Dialog 3390)
  • Added new parameters for Anchor Watch Position and Distance (3462)
  • Corrections
  • Corrected resetting of breakers from Alert Details Dialog (3389)
  • Improved efficiency of displaying pages with labels. (3421)
  • Prevented users from selecting a Switch Group in the Switch/Breaker Lockout Dialog (3401)
  • Corrected Locking up of Email Transmissions (3409)
  • Prevented Users from creating configurations with illegal characters (3427)
  • Corrected use of Instance Number when Setting Position in Alert Edit Dialog (3457)
  • Prevented Users from selecting Averaging in Anchor Watch Components. Averaging on Anchor Watch Components was preventing the Anchor Watch Alarm from working (3461)
  • Corrected Fluid Types for Pressures (3471)

Changes in N2KView version 5.0.3 (03-2015) from version 5.0.1 

 New Features 

  • Added Switch Current Data Not Available Alert.
  • Changed Screen Blanking to switch TSM displays into Power Save mode.  (Black Box only)
  • Added a Long Press to the Alert Buttons in the Status Bar to open the Alert Detail Dialog.
  • Suppress Fuel Warning Dialog when we bypass the initial Screen.
  • Add a warning popup when the user selects to bypass the Initial Screen.
  • Added support for Carling GenII AC and DC boxes.
  • Added Dimmer Controls and support for NMEA PGN 127500.
  • Added the function that screens will wake out of Power Save Mode on new Alerts. (Black Box only)



  • Corrected problems saving the hostname after the N2KView label is changed. (Black Box only)

  • Corrected problems editing Min and Max options for some gauges and bar graph.

  • Corrected a problem editing Fuel Management, Total Trip Fuel Used.

  • Corrected problems with deleting the last screen.

  • Corrected problems with creating a new screen.

  • Corrected screen blanking on the TSM800C and TSM1330C. (Black Box only)

  • Corrected problem where hostname could be saved with invalid characters, leading to unstable networking. (Black Box only)

  • Corrected the problem where importing a new screen does not save the configuration.

  • Corrected operation of up/down arrow keys in Screens Setup dialog.

  • Increase Frequency of Annunciator Command Messages to prevent tones from being interrupted.

  • Corrected problem of not detecting Carling DC08 going into Boot mode and switching to other bus.

  • Moved the WMM Model to the Component Heading for Magnetic Variation.

  • Allow screens containing only 1 component.

  • Corrected display of Anchor Watch when alerts are disabled.

  • Corrected selection of BNWAS Component when editing a Screen.

  • Corrected presentation of Screen Selection 4x1 component.

  • Corrected importing of backgrounds with Import of Screens.

  • Improved navigation on touch screens when loading configurations.

  • Limited the frequency at which the Black Box will try to synchronize the System Time to GPS time.

  • Corrected a problem deleting a switch from a switch group.

  • Corrected jumping needles on gauges.


 Version is 5.0.1(08-2014) from Version 5.0.0

  • Changes in N2KView version 5.0.1 from version 5.0.0
  • Corrected problem when the user typed, letter “S” would not display in text box.
  • Corrected a problem displaying control editor’s preview component.


Changes in N2KView version 5.0.0 from version 4.0.8 

  • Enlarged Text and Control buttons for all Dialogs
  • All dialogs now have consistent Save / Cancel buttons at the bottom.
  • All editable fields have a white background; non-editable are grey.  
  • Redefined Menu Structure for easier navigation
  • Alerts, Configuration and Power Distribution have sub-menus
  • User-defined Screens may be omitted from tabs to minimize the number of tabs
  • Screen Select buttons may be added to screens to jump directly to a named screen, or back
  • (Buttons can be 4x1 or 2x1)
  • New 2x1 indicator component with multiple lines
  • New feature - Breaker / Switch Groups
  • Momentary action will attempt to move a set of Breakers/Switches to a desired state.
  • Screen component (Indicator or Breaker) will show Active when Breakers/Switches are in desired   state
  • On and Off Alerts may be created on the group
  • Breaker details may be shown for Carling AC and DC boxes.  
  • Screen Add dialog shows best dimensions to fit current window
  • Screen Edit dialog shows a white border of aspect ratio of current window
  • Graph time scales are now preserved going in and out of editors
  • Importing and exporting screens or configurations to removable media will find and transfer the background images along with the .n2k file.
  • Connected Devices Dialog now accessible through About page
  • Diagnostic Dialog now accessible through About page
  • Corrections to Temperature difference parameter.  In displayed component and alert.
  • Alert Status bar re-defined to maximize display of Alerts. Note: (line above bar flashes when more alerts are displayed than will fit. )
  • Alerts will fill space up to Mode text, independent of language.
  • Disabled Mode is shown in red
  • Single Click on Mode text will open Vessel Mode dialog.
  • Bar is always 1/2" high, independent of screen DPI or screen size.
  • Configuration allows users to skip Initial Disclaimer Screen
  • Configuration allows users to optionally change vessel modes without a password
  • Screen Blanking on Black Box versions has been corrected.
  • Alert Detail dialog with history may be accessed from Alerts Favorite Screen
  • For Breaker Tripped Alerts this will include a breaker that allows you to reset the breaker
  • Alert Save and Test now includes a log of what the alert is doing as it is tested
  • Hardware Timers and Hardware Counter Alerts are now working.
  • In screen edit dialog, more than one control can be selected to cut, copy and delete.
  • Bar Graphs now support negative minimum values
  • Axis Cameras PTZ now works on ports other than 80When selecting components in the Screen Edit Dialog, multiple components can be selected by holding CTRL key down for Drag, Cut, Copy and Paste.
  • Added FFM100 PGNs for Engine Flow Rate and Trip Fuel


Changes in N2KView version 4.0.7 from version 4.0.6

  • Corrected problem with Email messages from Gmail accounts.


Changes in N2KView version 4.0.6 from version 4.0.5

  • Corrected display of soft keyboard in Communications Dialog.
  • Corrected querying of IPG100s for IP Address (MBB100, DSM800, TSM800 and TSM1330).
  • Changes in N2KView version 4.0.5 from version 4.0.3
  • Corrected a problem converting temperatures to local units in alerts.
  • Removed Humidity User Defined 128 Parameter.
  • Changes in N2KView version 4.0.3 from version 4.0.2
  • Corrected a problem connecting to old N2KServers on the same PC.
  • Corrected a problem where bad connections caused the default configuration to load.
  • Changes in N2KView version 4.0.2 from version 3.6.4
  • Added support for version 4 licenses 
  • Added Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)
  • Added Differential Temperature component
  • Added SMS Signal Strength parameter
  • Corrected problem saving Total Fuel Remaining components
  • More detail in Moon Phase
  • Modified source address of NMEA 2000 message
  • Corrected Text color on Indicator components
  • NMEA 2000 Connection status will now only show connected after NMEA 2000 data is detected
  • Added Soft keyboard to initial dialog
  • Removed channel entry from Connection Status Component Edit Dialog
  • Stability improvements on Alerts
  • Corrected a problem with initial connections. 

Changes in N2KView version 3.6.4 from version 3.6.3

  • Corrected a problem where Alert Emails are sent to additional addresses even if checkbox was unchecked
  • Corrected a problem where, in Trip Fuel Used, Total Fuel Economy, Total Fuel Consumption, engine instances are limited to 0..15
  • Corrected a problem where Data Unavailable alert for tank types was not able to create for fluid types other than Fuel
  • Corrected a problem where Fuel Rate or Fuel Consumption was not able to be averaged
  • Corrected a problem where the Watermaker was not able to be commanded
  • Corrected a problem where the MBB100 crashed with N2KOwner prompt after many weeks of continuous operation.





What are the latest changes that have been made to N2KView on Maretron’s Legacy Devices?

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