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AXIS Camera Setup for N2KView


Within this article outlines a basic setup guideline for integrating your AXIS camera or AXIS encoder that is connected to the same LAN as your device running N2KView (TSM, MBB, and/or computer).


Access your AXIS camera via your browser using either the IP Address or AXIS Device Manager application.

The Overview page layout may differ between different generations of cameras, the concept will remain the same.


If you want to access your camera without typing a username or password...
Locate the Users section
Enable Anonymous viewing, if your device supports PTZ controls and you want any user to control this on your network as well, enable Anonymous PTZ control.
Select Save.



By completing the first two settings, most camera setups would be complete.
On newer model cameras, such as the M5525 series, there are enhanced security policies.
For this type of interface, we need to change the network authentication policy.


Access the Settings tab


Locate and access the System tab
Click on Plain Config
Open the Network settings


Scroll through the Network settings to locate HTTP Authentication Policy
Change this value to Basic


Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save.
Setup is complete!


Please refer to the latest User Manual of N2KView for proper setup within N2KView V3.


Contact technical support if you have any additional questions.
Toll free (866) 550-9100 or by email at

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