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How do I update my N2KServer license key to support multiple N2KView features?

As shipped from the factory, N2KView supports one connected client (which can be N2KView running on a PC or mobile phone, a MBB100 Black Box for Vessel Monitoring and Control, TSM800/1330C (Touch Screen Display) or  DSM800 Vessel Monitoring and Control Indoor Display) at a time.

The N2KView licenses are managed with the Hardware License Key which is connected to either:
            1) a Windows PC running N2KServer, or
            2) an IPG100 Internet Protocol Gateway running N2KServer.

You can upgrade N2KView to increase the number of clients and features that can be connected to N2K at one time. The first step in this process is to purchase an upgrade certificate number. You will need to purchase one certificate for each connected client you wish to add a feature for. The following image Figure 1 contains the appropriete part numbers that are required when purchasing add modules for your license key:


Maretron suggests upgrading to the latest N2KView available on the Maretron downloads page here: (
Once the Add-on licensing certificate has been purchased, please follow the instructions below (a set of instructions will appear on the certificate as well).

If your installation uses N2KView running on a Windows PC, then run the following steps using that PC.

If your installation uses an IPG100 Internet Protocol Gateway, you will need to install N2KView on a Windows PC (the latest N2KView installation contains the hardware license key upgrade tools) so that you can perform the upgrade. You may uninstall N2KServer after the upgrade is completed.

In order to begin the update of the license key the request file must be made on a PC that has N2KServer installed.

In order to update the N2KView hardware license key with your additional client license, please follow these instructions.

1) If N2KServer is running, stop it using the N2KServer Service Manager program.

2) With the hardware license key plugged into the system, click on Start->All Programs->Maretron N2KView Folder->Request and Install Additional Client Licenses


3) In the Secure Update Utility window that opens, under the Generate request category, click the Generate Request Code button and choose a filename for the request code.



4) A “Save As” window will appear. Under “File name:”, type a name to give the file, and then click “Save” to save the file containing the request code to your hard drive. Remember the name you gave the file. The file will have an extension of “.req” or “.req2”.

5) E-mail the newly created file, containing the request code, along with the Certificate Number on the front of the licensing brochure, to


6) Maretron will generate an new license file ( “.nlf” , or “.upw2” file) and send this file to you via e-mail.

7) Save this file to the hard drive of the computer N2KView is installed.

8) Stop N2KView if  running.

9) Start the Request and Install Additional Client Licenses tool (just as you did in step 2).

10) In the Secure Update Utility window that opens, click the folder icon in the “Update Hardware Key” section and browse to the electronic license file that you saved in step 7.

11) Click the Apply Code button. The hardware license key will be updated with the new licenses contained in the new license file. You should then see a “Success” message.

12) Start the Maretron N2KServer Service Manager program.

13) In the N2KView "Commands & Settings" window the available licensing features will show  as  available options to select. See Figure 2.  The IPG100 configuration dialog Figure 3 shows the available licensing on the N2Kkey inserted in to the IPG100.   You should now see the new licenses purchased available for use.


15) If your installation uses an IPG100 Internet Protocol Gateway, you can now unplug the hardware license key from the PC and plug it back into the IPG100. Turn the power to the IPG100 off and then on again so it will recognize the additional licenses. The IPG100 N2KAnalyzer configuration dialog Figure 3 shows the available licensing on the N2Kkey inserted in to the IPG100.  

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