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What Software changes have taken place on the Maretron’s N2KExtractor?

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Maretron announces the release of version 4.0.0 of the N2KExtractor NMEA 2000 Data Extractor Software.  The program is available from (, under the “Software Updates” category.

 The full build number of the version is


Users with internet access will not be prompted to update to this version when they next start N2KExtractor.


Changes in N2KExtractor version 4.0.0 from version 3.1.8:


Replaced Map software to comply with new Google Maps requirements (4476)

Changes in N2KExtractor version 3.1.8 from version 3.1.7:


New Features

  • Added a ’Wait Dialog’ when receiving time periods from cloud (4407)
  • Created a configuration file for the Sanibel demo (4411)


  • Allow more than 3 vessels in the selection dialog (4366)
  • Sort the CSV file using a numeric sort instead of a textual sort (4395)
  • Recovered missing entries in the Master Timestamp file when it is truncated (4408)
  • Constrained times read from Configuration File to times stored in the database (4409)
  • Adjusted Ferry Configuration times to match database in Cloud (4410)
  • Corrected the drawing of the Plot (4412)

Changes in N2KExtractor version 3.1.7 from version 3.1.6:

New Features:

  • None


  • Changed version of Google Maps to correct display of Plot (4359)

The release notes are available in the form of a Technical Service Bulletin, which is attached to this e-mail.


Changes in N2KExtractor version 3.1.6 from version 3.1.5:


New Features

  • Add Support for Google Maps and Google Earth/Ocean (3517, 4118)
  • Show name of vessel on map instead of "Boat" (4187)
  • Changed default directory for "Export to CSV" to user documents directory. (4194)
  • Changed operation of Zoom all button when connected to the Cloud to be faster (4195)



  • Corrected requirement to plot graph before extracting to disk (4170)
  • Corrected function of Map Location button (4188)
  • Changed appearance of Map buttons to match TCS website (4191)
  • Corrected boundary of cursor not being able to reach end of timescales (4192)
  • Corrected right-clicking on graph cursor showing multiple context menus (4193)
  • Prevented dragging of markers past edge of timescales. (4196)
  • Corrected typo when no VDR is found. (4198)


Changes in N2KExtractor version 3.1.4 from version 3.1.3:

New Features

  • Change the Parameter Table search function to a filter (4089)
  • Prevented creation of Recording Periods where there is no data received (4105)
  • Changed the orientation of the boat symbol on the map to the vessel’s Heading, if available (4110)
  • Made it easier to move the Time Bar handles (4111)


  • Corrected program crash trying to synchronize recording periods (2840)
  • Corrected program hang when extracting with short interval (3778)
  • Corrected display of VDR Memory Capacity and Memory Used Parameters (4103)
  • Corrected display of Active Station Percent Command value. (It was being multiplied by 100.) (4104)
  • Corrected saving of data to .csv file when Extraction Interval is 0 (4106)
  • Corrected entry of null Position Field in .csv file. (It was missing a column.) (4107)
  • Allow colons to be typed into the Extraction Interval when creating .csv files (4108)
  • Corrected display of Transmission Status values (4109)


Changes in N2KExtractor version 3.1.3 from version 3.1.2:

New Features

  • Allow N2Extractor to be launched from Telemetric Cloud Service website (4073)
  • Added support for Twin Disk Transmissions (4074)This requires a J2K100 with firmware version or newer
  • Corrected opening of User’s Manual from N2KExtractor (4077)  Corrected spelling of “UDP” in LAN Vessels dialog (4079)


Users with internet access will be prompted to update to this version when they next start N2KExtractor.

Changes in N2KExtractor™ version 3.1.2 from version 3.1.1:
• New Features

  •   Added parameter file for Ferry 1 demo on Telemetric Cloud (4040)

Changes in the N2KExtractor™ version 3.1.1 from version 3.0.2:
• New Features

  • Added support for extracting data from Telemetric Cloud Service (4019)
  • Improved Handling of large data sets (4013, 4020)

• Corrections

  • Corrected Addition of Fluid Flow Parameters (3731)
  • Show Volume Units of Gallons with "US" or "Imp" (3858)
  • Allow Date entry in ISO format (4017)


Changes in the N2KExtractor™ version 3.0.1 from version 3.0.0:

New Features

  • Added support for CLM100 parameters (3584)
  • Added SMS: Signal Strength to list of parameters able to be displayed (3611)
  • Updated Ext2fsd to version 0.62 (3624)
  • Show Progress Bar when USB drive is erased (3625)


  • Added Position to list of parameters to be extracted. (3521)
  • Corrected adding parameters to Parameter Table from Add button. (3544)
  • Corrected loading of labels (3545)
  • Corrected processing of Fluid Flow Rate and Trip Volume PGNs (3626)

Changes in the N2KExtractor™ version 3.0.0 from version 2.0.6:

New Features

  • Changed User Interface to new style


  • Improved Screen Utilization (2854)
  • When modifying the Parameter Table retain the highlighted row. (2855)
  • Corrected adding Wind Direction to list of parameters (2900)
  • Added PGN 65287 to Engine Trip Fuel (3173)
  • Added PGN 65286 to Engine Fuel Rate (3174)
  • Corrected formatting of 12 hour time when hour is 0. (3218)
  • The last folder used for VDR100 is now remembered. (3247)
  • Added extra checks for valid dates. (3248)
  • Corrected finding of Fluids other than Fuel (3277)
  • Updated Ext2Fsd to latest version (3458)
  • Update of MapQuest API to latest version (3472)
  • Corrected enabling of Save button in Parameter Editor (3483)

 Changes in the N2KExtractor™ version 2.0.6 from version 2.0.5:

  • Corrected display of Transmission Gears
  • Corrected problem with unsynchronized times
  • Corrected handling of null characters in timestamp file
  • Corrected handling of PGNs with source keys when there was only one possible PGN

Changes in the N2KExtractor™ version 2.0.5 from version 2.0.4:

  • Corrected handling of truncated files.

Changes in the N2KExtractor™ version 2.0.4 from version 2.0.3:

  • Improved installation of Ext2Fsd file system.
  • Improved efficiency in reading large frame files
  • Look for instance data is subsequent recording periods when there is no data in the first recording period.
  • Corrected problem allocating pseudo times when there are a lot of small recording periods

Changes in the N2KExtractor™ version 2.0.3 from version 2.0.2:

  • Allow searching of records when there is no timestamp file.

Changes in the N2KExtractor™ version 2.0.2 from version 2.0.1:

  • Corrected handling of empty files.

 Changes in the N2KExtractor version 1.1.0 from version 1.0.0:

  • Corrected table manipulation after sorting
  • Simulates time values when PGN 126992 is missing (no GPS connected)
  • Get position information from PGN 129029 or PGN 129025
  • Open N2KExtractor™ large enough that the fields do not overlap.


 1.0.0 (2012-11)

  • Initial release
What Software changes have taken place on the Maretron’s N2KExtractor?
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  • n2kextractor_2.0.5.pdf (206.88 KB) 895
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  • tsb_n2kextractor_3.1.6.pdf (25.71 KB) 704
  • n2kextractor_3.1.7.pdf (260.96 KB) 673
  • n2kextractor_4.0.0.pdf (24.26 KB) 659
  • n2kextractor_3.1.8.pdf (25.21 KB) 631

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