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How do I enable the MBB300C for HTML5?

Maretron's MBB300C can be used as a web server that can stream the N2KView application via HTML5, an interactive Web Service, through a LAN (Ethernet) connection.

Many 3rd Party vendors label this service slightly different, but all referring to the HTML5 Service

  • Garmin         One Helm
  • Raymarine    LightHouse


In order to initialize the MBB300C to populate on a connected MFD, the MBB300C will need:

  • To be connected to the same LAN (Ethernet) as the MFDs, in adjacent to the NMEA2000 connection for data
  • Temporarily connected via the HDMI or VGA and a mouse to change video output

*** Disclaimer ***
Please follow requirements outlined via the 3rd Party manufactures for safely connecting the MBB300C onto their LAN connection.
i.e. Garmin requires a PoE Isolation coupler to be integrated before connecting to the Garmin Marine network


Once the above setup is established

  • Power up the MBB300C

  • Tap anywhere on the display to reveal the tabs and navigate to Commands & Settings

  • Select Configuration

  • Select General Configuration

  • Change the Display Mode to Remote HTML5 Access

  • Next, Select Update and Reboot

  • Once the reboot process has commenced, promptly remove the video (HDMI or VGA) and any connected user input devices, such as a mouse and/or keyboard while the MBB is rebooting.

  • Your device should now populate on your 3rd Party display as an available app!!

    Garmin One Helm

    Raymarine LightHouse 4



Converting from HTML5 to Local Display Mode

There are two methods for completing the service:

  1. If your MFD/HTML5 interface is still available,
    • Repeat the above process to change the Display Mode from HTML5 to Local Display,
    • Then select Update & Reboot
    • During the Reboot process, reconnect video (HDMI or VGA) and input devices

  2. If your HTML5 interface device is not available
    • Power down the MBB300C
    • Connect your video (HDMI or VGA) and input devices
    • Power up the MBB300C and you will be prompted with the following message that the unit is currently in the HTML5 mode.

    • Pressing the OK button will switch the mode back to local and reboot the device
Any further questions, please contact our Marine Support team at (866) 550-9100 or via email at
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