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How do I enable the MBB300C for use on my Garmin One helm?

Maretron's MBB300C can be used as a web server that can stream N2KView to a Garmin One Helm Enabled display. You will need to connect directly to any one of Garmin OneHelm capable displays.

To start connect the MBB300C's DC power, keyboard/mouse, VGS/HDMI display, and the RJ45 (ethernet) port directly to the Garmin ethernet port using a standard Ethernet cable(do not use a crossover cable).  

In order to initialize the MBB300C and show N2KView on the Garmin OneHelm MFD, you first you must enable Remote HTML Access in N2KView once started.

Power up the MBB300C. Next, go to Commands & Settings-->Configuration and select "General Configuration", change the Display Mode to Remote HTML5 Access (shown in Figure 1)

Press the Update and Reboot button. After the MBB300C reboot you will see the message on your VGS/HDMI display that the MBB300C is in Remote HTML5 Mode on the monitor (shown in Figure 2)


On the Garmin One Helm MFD: go to Menu and choose the "One Helm" (step 1 in Figure 3) button. Now locate the Maretron logo (shown in step 2 in Figure 3.).

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