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How do enable the MBB300C for use on my Garmin One helm?

Maretron MBB300C is used as a web server connected to a compatible Garmin One – Helm display.

Connect the MBB300C RJ45 port directly to the Garmin Ethernet port connection using a standard Ethernet cable.  

In order to get the MBB300C to display on the Garmin, you first need to connect a monitor to the HDMI/VGA output to bring the MBB300C up normally.  Then go into the General Configuration dialog, change the Display Mode to Remote HTML5 Access, and press the Update and Reboot button. After the reboot you will see the message that you are in Remote HTML5 Mode on the monitor and the N2KView display will be on the Garmin.

On the Garmin One helm menu select Maretron logo found under the Garmin One helm option 

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