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Can a TMP100 be used to monitor engine coolant temperatures?

Yes, a TMP100 can be installed to monitor engine coolant temperature by simply using one of the two available high temperature channels located on the TMP100. Simply order an additional Maretron TP-EGT-1 accessory for the primary purpose to monitor your engines coolant temperature. Keep in mind you will be required to consider how the sensor will be implemented into the coolant flow of your engine. Simple search the following term: "water temperature sensor hose adapter" and locate an adapter that matches the coolant hose diameter for your engine. For the purpose of this article Maretron ordered a 38mm aluminum coupler as shown in figure 1 with a 10mm sensor thread as shown in figure 2.

Our TP-EGT-1 accessory comes with a compression fitting that threads easily into this particular adapter(10mm) allowing full sensor coolant bath for the most accurate temperature readings refer to figure 3 to see sensor installed.

Remember to use proper thread sealer or Teflon tape to avoid potential coolant leakage during engine operation.


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