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Can the J2K100 convert Volvo-Penta engine data to NMEA2000?

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Yes, a J2K100 can be used to convert a Volvo Penta standard J1939 messages to NMEA2000.  Prior to a purchase of a J2K100(Per engine) examine the existing cabling provided by the engine manufacturer. 

Engines with EVC, EDC systems can be connected to the J2K100 ia the standard multi-link connection. The most common multi-link connections can be found throughout a EV/EVC system. Look for a Deutch DT-06-6S connection and order the connector direct from Volvo or through web retailers that offer Deutch branded connectors.

For EGC series engines that are not part of a EVC system a local connection of the J2K100 is needed. Look for a DT-06-6S connection close to the engine’s ECU.  Figure 1 shows a CANBUS connector located on a EGC 8.1 engine. 


Newer Volvo Penta Gi engines may have an Deutch DT-06 8S  connection(8pins) blank plug. the Plug can be retrofitted with wires to form a direct connection to the J2K100 supplied field makeable connection in the box. It is recommended that technicians order a Maretron IT_CM-CF to connect between a J2K1000 J1939 port and the field makeable connector to ensure proper communication can occur.

Pin-outs may very depending on year and make of engine Contact Volvo-Penta direct for the correct J1939 pin-out of your engine.  The J2K100 N2KAnalyzer configuration menu can help determine if a proper connection to the engine has been made. 



Can the J2K100 convert Volvo-Penta engine data to NMEA2000?

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