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What marine engines are found to have J1939 capability?

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Following is a table showing engines and their J1939 capability. 

 Engine manufacturer   Controller Module  J1939 Capable standard? Must Be Ordered With J1939 Capabilities.
 Caterpillar    ADEM III and A4/C4.4, C6.6, C9, C15, C18, C32   "Acerts series"  Yes: J1939 Tx  
 Cummins     CM570 and CM850/QSL, QSB5 and 7, QSM11, QSK19,50 and 60 (Typically 2005 or newer)  Yes: J1939 Tx  
 Detroit Diesel  DDEC III and IV/Series 50, 60 and 2000 Rx  Yes: J1939 Tx  
 Deutz  EMR 2 (EMR)/912, 913, 914 and L2011  Yes: J1939 Tx  
 Iveco EDC7  (Bosch MS6.2)/Series NEF, CURSOR and VECTOR 8  Yes: J1939 Tx  
 John Deere  JDEC/PowerTech M, E and Plus  Yes: J1939 Tx  
 MAN  MMDS series  Yes: J1939 Tx  
 MTU MDEC  module M.302 or M.303/Series 2000 and 4000  NO: J1939 Tx Yes
 MTU MDEC   module M.201 or M.304/Series 2000 and 4000 Rx  NO: J1939 Tx Yes
 MTU  ADEC/Series 2000 and 4000  NO: J1939 Tx Yes
 Perkins  Series 1100, 1300, 2300 and 2800  Yes: J1939 Tx  
 Scania  EMS  Yes: J1939 Tx  
 Scania    EMS S6 (KWP2000)/Dx9x, Dx12x, D13x, Dx16x   Yes: J1939 Tx  
 Steyr Motors  M1-CU, 4/6 cylinder Solas    
 Volvo Penta  EDC4, EMS,  EMS 2, EDCIII/D6, D7, D9, D12 and D16, EVC models, EDC
 (GE and AUX variants only)
 Yes: J1939 Tx  
 Yanmar  BY2 series, LY-series  Yes: J1939 Tx  
 Crusader  MPI series ECM-07  Yes: J1939 Tx  

What should I look for when considering the J2K100 gateway/bridge?

Technicians can look for an engines diagnostic connection in close proximity to an engine ECU. Generally, most diagnostic connectors used by the engine manufacturers are standard and manufactured by Deutsch connector company. Under article attachments, Maretron provides a printable cheat sheet to help technicians identify engine J1939 connections and the engine connectors known pin designations. Note: take caution when tampering with Engine ECUs, always refer to the engines service manual and or consult the engine manufacturer for the correct connection to use for the J2K100.  

Maretron strongly encourages to consult with their engine’s manufacture to validate your specific setup, providing the VIN # or Serial # of appropriate equipment and confirm where to safely access J1939 data if available.

What marine engines are found to have J1939 capability?
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