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What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron FFM100 Fluid Flow Monitor?

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What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron FFM100 Fluid Flow Monitor?

You can update your device using the N2KAnalyzer software tool.


FFM100 Firmware Versions (2020-08-26)

- Update temperature compensation multiplier every 1s (instead of 10s)
- Store Total Accumulate Volume every 5s (instead of 50s)
- Relocate TMP_SRC and CH_ID2 to proper EEPROM location
- Re-write K-Factor-4b when load default
- Transmit 127489 and 127497 when fluid type is Fuel (Gasoline) (Bug #4644) (2017-10-12)

- For negative volume, report zero volume when negative volume is within -10 Lt, report N/A otherwise (Bug #4362)
- Correct invalid interrupt routine which cause channel #1 not working (Bug #4382) (2017-05-11):

- Corrected a problem where the device needed to be reset after having its configuration changed from 3-phase sensor to 1-phase sensor (4224)
- Added support for differential mode with single-phase fuel flow sensors (e.g., Coriolis sensors) (4169)
- Updated NMEA 2000 database version to 2.100 (4226) (2014-10-31)

- Corrected problems in total volume recording (2014-04-16)

- Reduced fluctuations in flow readings at low flow rates.
- Changed default fuel flow damping period to 5 seconds.
- Save cumulative fluid volume with higher resolution and more often.
- Improved the resolution of the K-factors you can type in when you are configuring the FFM100 so you can use the full resolution printed on the fuel flow sensor labels (requires DSM150/DSM250 F/W or later). (2013-07-09)

- Added support for the 130316 Temperature Range, Extended parameter group
- Corrected a problem where reset of the Trip Volume parameter didn’t work in some cases
- Corrected a problem where the FFM100 transmitted incorrect temperature values if the thermistors in the flow sensors were incorrectly connected. It will now transmit "Data Not Available" in this case
- Updated the supported NMEA 2000 database version to 2.000 (2012-08-15)

- Corrected NMEA 2000 protocol issue where each channel had used its own fast-packet Sequence ID.
- Both channels now share a common sequence ID, per the NMEA 2000 specification (2012-04-04)

- Added support for single-phase sensors (typically used for non-fuel fluid flow applications)
- Added support for Maretron proprietary fluid flow rate and fluid volume PGN’s, for non-fuel flow applications


1.0.1 (2011-07-18)

- Initial Release




What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron FFM100 Fluid Flow Monitor?

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