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What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM200?

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What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM200?

Firmware updates not long planned for this model. 2011

DSM200 Firmware Versions:

1.15.0 (2006-12-21)

- Added support for alarms on tank levels


1.14.1 (2006-10-03)

- Corrected some translation issues in Dutch language support


1.14 (2006-09-11)

- Added ability to use a DST100 for inside temperature by choosing “Display Settings->DST100 Inside Temp” menu


1.13.1 (2006-08-03)

 - Corrected a problem with tank names not always appearing


1.13.0 (2006-06-30)

- Corrected a problem where firmware version numbers were reported incorrectly


1.12.1 (2006-06-13)

 - Fixed a problem where the display would freeze if a favorites screen included fluid level for a tank which was disabled in the “Enable/Disable Devices” menu


1.12.0 (2006-05-25)

- Added support for multiple languages (English, Dutch (Nederlands))


1.11.0 (2006-04-19)

- Removed Wind Direction->Compass Point display type

- Corrected a problem where the units of alarm threshold values did not reflect selections on the Units menu

- Made clarifications to the different types of wind references

- Changed so that backlight is now off by default on newly flashed devices

- Added north up compass rose option to COG display

- Added “Head Up” compass display type

- Changed "Compass" type to "Compass (North Up)" and "Compass (Head Up)"

- Added support for PGN 65030 (Generator Basic AC Information - J1939)

- Added support for configuration of J2K100 gateway devices

-Added support for configuration of WSO100,TLA100,RAA100,EMS100 devices

- Added Fuel Management capability

- Added weather screen

- Added 1-7 days Line graph display type for Barometric pressure

- Added auto scaling with unit selection for gauge minimum/maximum values

- Add Bar graph display type for trim tabs

- Added support for invert installation setting for SSC200

- Added support deviation without accelerometer for SSC200 for large vessels

- Improved the wind gauge

- Remove decimal point for Outside Humidity

- Removed rudder gauge in favor or order/angle gauge

- Added new flow rate units

- Added moon phase display

- Added support for compass directions "NW", etc.

- Implemented Rudder Angle & Order display type

- Fixed a problem where where the Bearing, Origin to Destination display title said Bearing Between Marks

- Removed the gauge display type for parameters for which it was not approipriate

- Corrected a problem where menus were not valid when resetting into demo mode

- Pointer now disappears when no data present

- Changed so that incoming tank level data with no instance number is treated as instance 0

- Added Tank Type to Tank Gauge Display

- Changed Tank Level display to semicircular fuel gauge display

- Improved appearance of  pointer on large gauge display

- Removed Wind Beaufort Display and Head/Lift Display

- Added True Wind Direction/Speed Calculations

- Improved appearance of  pointer on Rudder Gauge Display

- Improved graphics drawing routines

- Fixed problem with magnetic variation data updating


1.10.5 (2005-09-20)

- Updated supported version of NMEA 2000 protocol to 1.200


1.10.4 (2005-08-10)

- Added kPa as a support unit for pressure readings


1.10.3 (2005-07-22)

- Added support for receiving humidity and temperature readings via Environmental PGN 130311 from different devices

- Added support for configuration of rate of transmission of periodic messages for the WSO100


1.10.2 (2005-07-01)

- Corrected information in the Manufacturer’s Information field of the 126998 Configuration Information PGN


1.10.1 (2005-31-05)

- Corrected a display problem that occurred when existing the SSC200 Magnetic Deviation Status screen, and then entering the SSC200 NMEA 0183 Settings menu


1.10 (2005-17-05)

- For SSC200 magnetic deviation calibration, removed the beep on every turn completion

- Made improvements to the demo mode

- Change wording in the SSC200 rate of turn zero offset menu

- Improve finding of devices

- Changed so that heading and magnetic variation can be received from different devices

- Changed so that speed over ground and speed through water can be received from different devices

- Corrected altitude display in GPS status screen

- Added ability to program rate of transmission of periodic messages in devices that support the capability

- Corrected problems in GPS100 configuration menus

- Increased resolution of Sea Temperature


1.9 (2005-01-05)

- Improved button press recognition

- Improved the device selection menu

- Now use message boxes to display certain warnings

What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM200?

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