Fuel Filter Monitoring Example - Intermediate System

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It is generally accepted that monitoring the vacuum after your Fuel Filter is the best way to detect clogging of your fuel filter and prevent untimely shutdown of your engines. This intermediate Fuel Filter Monitoring System monitors two engines and includes Maretron’s Fluid Pressure Monitor (FPM100) with vacuum transducers, a Run Indicator Module (RIM100) with Water In Fuel (WIF) sensors and a display (DSM250) to show these parameters anywhere on the boat. In addition, the display can be programmed to generate an audible warning when the vacuum reaches a critcal level, or water is detected in the fuel.

The following table shows the major components included within this example system plus a list of the information or data available for display.

Product Description Available Data List
DSM250 Display Displays data in this list, monitors the data and sounds an internal buzzer if there is a problem
FPM100 Fluid Pressure Monitor Monitors pressure at outlet of Fuel Filters
RIM100 Run Indicator Module Monitors fuel for presence of Water

Wiring of Water in Fuel Detection Kit

Vacuum Transducer

Vacuum Transducer (Close Up)

Water In Fuel Sensor

The following screenshots (click to enlarge) are examples of how monitored data can be displayed on the DSM250.

Fuel Pressure Digital

Fuel Pressure Gauge

Fuel Pressure Graph

Water In Fuel and Filter Vacuum

  • Clogged Port Engine Fuel Filter Warning
  • Clogged Starboard Engine Fuel Filter Warning
  • Clogged Port Fuel Filter Alarm
  • Clogged Starboard Fuel Filter Alarm
  • Water In Port Engine Fuel Filter Alarm
  • Water In Starboard Engine Fuel Filter Alarm