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Is the the J2K100 compaible with Crusader engines?

The J2K100 can connect to a Crusader diagnostic CANBUS port for J1939 operations. Crusader offers service manuals for several supported engines. Maretron suggests consulting with your engine technician or contacting crusader direct for suggested... Read More

Why N2K™?

Why N2K™? Why N2K, Maretron? Individuals, companies, consumers require a solution for many complex integration problems aboard a vessel. Maretron has developed a suite of N2K products to help integrators choose, develop, configure and validate... Read More

Smoke Alarms – Why don’t we use them on boats?

  Please see attached white paper written by Captain John McDevitt regarding why smoke alarms aren't mandated on boats, but why they should be. Maretron smoke and heat vessel monitoring system designed with N2KBuilder.   Read More