Can Maretron monitor a kerosene tank?

Yes! Using the Maretron FPM100 paired with either our submersible (Part # PTS-0-xPSI-01) or external (Part # PT-0-xPSI-01) pressure transducers will be able to monitor this type of fuel successfully.

Kerosene has a density level of 0.81 g/cm3 or 810 kg/m3.

Please follow the steps below utilizing N2KAnalyzer on a PC paired with a Maretron gateway, such as the USB100 or IPG100.

  1. Locate your FPM100 on your list of connected devices on the NMEA2000® network.
  2. Right-click on the FPM100 and select to Configure Device

  3. Identify the channel of the FPM100 you are utilizing and input the pressure transducer details as well as the tank parameters.
    * For the fluid type select Fuel if you are monitoring the level from any 3rd party MFD
    * When monitoring via a Maretron DSM series or N2KView display, you can select either Fuel or a Reserved value so that they can be separated if desired.

  4. Select the Tank Levels Calibration associated to the channel we are configuring.

  5. Once in the Tank Calibration window, located in the lower left corner select and highlight the currently listed Fluid Density values

  6. Type the value 810 and then select option Put Config To Device located at the bottom of the window. The text will now change from Red to Black and will receive a confirmation the settings have been put to device.

  7. Begin your calibration process under the Manual Table or Step Fill. Once complete, select option Put Config To Device.

  8. Select OK to close the confirmation window and then close the Tank Calibration window.

  9. Setup is complete!

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