Can I do a custom calibration for non-standard resistance sensors or odd shaped tanks?

Yes, it is possible to program the TLA100 to accept non-standard resistive sensors or odd shaped tanks using Maretron’s DSM150, DSM200, or DSM250 display. Set the mode using Maretron’s DSM150, DSM200, or DSM250 display in the following way:

  1. Enter menu mode, scroll to "Configuration:" and press
  2. Scroll to "Device Configuration:" and press
  3. Scroll to the row containing the TLA100 and press
  4. Scroll to "Tank Level Calibration:" and press
  5. Scroll until you find "Custom Calibration..." and press
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen while programming up to 16 custom calibration points

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Created: June 19, 2008
Last Updated: July 13, 2015
Author: Mark Oslund []

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