How do I switch a relay channel on the Maretron DCR100 using a non-Maretron display?

Maretron displays perform switching (on/off) of the solid-state relays in the DCR100 via the NMEA standard method of using an NMEA Command (PGN 126208) of the 127501 Binary Switch Bank Status message. The Switch Bank Indicator field, along with the Indicator field(s) corresponding to the switch(es) whose state you wish to change, must be specified in the command message.

Non-Maretron controls interfaced to the NMEA 2000 Network can also command DCR100 relays to open or close using the NMEA Command PGN (126208) commanding 127501 to change the status of a switch to the ON or OFF state.

When the change is successful, the DCR100 will immediately transmit a 127501 Switch Bank Status message which will reflect the change made. It will continue to transmit this message periodically.

Details of PGN 126208 can be obtained through

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