What is the procedure for testing the ALM100 Annunciator?

The procedure for testing an ALM100 can be performed using the following Maretron User Interface products:


Go to Main Menu-->Scroll to Configuration-->Select "Device Configuration"-->Select the ALM00 you wish to test-->Scroll to "Test Annunciator"



Select the row containing the ALM100-->at the top of the N2KAnalyzer select  Configure-->Configure Device.

A configuration dialog will appear click on "Test Annunciator"


First create an N2KView alert. Simply go to the Commands & Settings--> Alert Setup--> Alert Table Editor--> select an existing alert or create a new alert.  Within the alert editor click on the Annunciator Actions tab. Select the Annunciator number you wish to test.  Finally, select the Test tab, click on Save and Test to complete the operation.






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