How do I set up my SMS100 address book using Maretron displays?

SMS100 Operational Requirements: 

  • Working NMEA2000 network
  • SMS100 text module
  • DSM150/DSM250 display with firmware version or higher 
  • N2KView software/hardware versions 3.6.2 or higher

The SMS100 requires a Maretron display to produce alert messages for the SMS100 to transmit via cellular services. You will need to set up a phone book within the Maretron Display‚Äôs SMS section.

On the DSM150 or DSM250, go to the main menu, and then select "Alert Setup...":

Step 1:

Step 2:

In N2KView the SMS100 address book is located within the "Connections Settings" window.

Posted by: Mark Oslund - June 6, 2013. This article has been viewed 4177 times.
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