Can a J2K100 connect to a John Deere J1939 network?

Yes, the J2K100 can easily be integrated to a John Deere J1939 network.

Exact locations where the J2K100 will connect to the network may vary.
Find the Helm engine display and locate the Deutsch connector labeled "Engine ECU".
The connector is a 3-pin Deutsch DT06-3S part which can be found on

Make a cable assembly to attach the J2K100 using the provided FA-CF-ST Micro/Mid Field Attachable Connector (Straight Female), connect to the J1939 port in parallel to the engine ECU and the engine display network.

Typically, on the John Deere/Murphy harness the coloring codes are listed below
- CAN H - Green
- CAN L - Yellow/Orange

No termination resistor is needed.




An alternative method if a more "plug interconnect" option is desired, adding a "T" harness and 2 qty DT06-3S setups are listed below.

* The John Deere engine may also have a 9-pin diagnostic connector in the engine room that provides J1939 access as well. 

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