What are the latest changes that have been made to N2KBuilder V3?

What are the latest changes that have been made to N2KBuilder V3?


The full build number of the latest version is    

For new users, this application is available by request on the following page.
- https://www.maretron.com/products/n2kbuilder-nmea-2000-network-design-software/

For existing users, with internet access, can perform the in-line update to their installed N2KBuilder.
- Launch N2KBuilder on your PC
- Select About tab
- Check for Updates

Changes in N2KBuilder V3 version 3.1.0 from version 3.0.0

  • Added new parameter types to CLM100
  • Improved configuration for CLMD12, CLMD16, CKM12, VMM6
  • Added export of Labels to N2KAnalyzer
  • Corrected channels marked DISABLED from causing instancing conflicts


Changes in N2KBuilder V3 version 3.0.0 from version 1.12.1 

  • Added CLMD16
  • Combined CLMD12 and CBMD12
  • Added CKM12
  • Added VMM6
  • Added DSM570
  • Added ability to export configurations for import by N2KAnalyzer
  • No longer requires AIR to be downloaded from Adobe


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.12.1 from version 1.11.23

  • Added Annunciation channels to DCR100, with instance checking (4475)
  • Obsoleted TLM200 (4480)
  • Obsoleted TSM1330C (4481)


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.23 from version 1.11.22

  • Added ability to connect cables directly to cables (1299)
  • Added ability to constrain line segments to vertical or horizontal while drawing, by holding down the Shift key (4060)
  • Changed "Maretron Capabilities Matrix" to "Maretron Capability Matrix" (4083)
  • Corrected Instance Assignment of TSM, MBB, IPG, USB. (4113)
  • Added DSM410 (4205)
  • Removed Cloud Services from BOM (4228)
  • Pressing ESC disabled "Show Handles", but handles are still visible (4229)


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.22 from version 1.11.21

  • Added detail to printed Network Configuration Table for CLM100, DCR100, FFM100, and FPM100 (2986,3960)
  • Renamed “Cloud” to “Real Time Cloud Service” (4024)
  • Added Telemetric Cloud Service (4024)


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.21 from version 1.11.20

  • Obsoleted DSM250-03 (White) (3917)
  • Obsoleted NM-NG1-NF-09.0 (Mini cable 9m) (3918)
  • Renamed "Cloud Services" to "Real Time Cloud Service" (3919)
  • Added Motion Detector IS216 as SIM100 accessory (3969)


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.20 from version 1.11.19

  • Changed Zoom In / Zoom Out to maintain screen center (3590)
  • Removed references to N2KView software modules (3770)
  • Added .n2b extension to Save As menu item (3781)
  • Expanded Not Connected rule to include all components and cables (3782)
  • Corrected display of CLM100 in configuration table (3788)
  • Embedded N2KBuilder version number in xml file. (3796)
  • Corrected display of voltages on MBB200C if only one cable is connected (3797)
  • Obsoleted MBB200C (3879)
  • Added MBB300C (3880)
  • Obsoleted TAL-1.25BSP and TAL-1.5NPT airlocks (3881)
  • Obsoleted DM-DG1-DF-09.0 Mid Gray 9m cable (3882)
  • Added support for PT-0-1.5PSI-01 pressure transducer (3883)
  • Corrected FFM100 properties and instancing (3878)


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.19 from version 1.11.18

  • Disabled instance assignment when no source is selected (3600)
  • Corrected display of cables on 90 degree connector (3628)
  • Set cable length to 0 when converting long cables to double ended cordsets (3629)
  • Changed glow on multiport to yellow when used in trunk (3542)
  • Added support for TFTDBE-5H Focus Tube with Deadband Eliminator (3757)
  • Added support for IRHT-01 Indoor Humidity/Temperature Sensor (3758)
  • Added support for PTS-0-nPSI-01 Submersible Pressure Transducers (3759)
  • Corrected instance assignment in TMP100 (3765)


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.18 from version 1.11.17

  • Prevented changes in size on cables that would result in impossible connections. (3620)                                                                        


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.17 from version 1.11.16

  • Corrected saving of FPM100 to disk (3616) 


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.16 from version 1.11.15

  • Corrected drag of Field Attachable Cable (3465)
  • Add support for SSC300 (3466) 
  • Corrected Pressure Source for FPM100 (3470) 
  • Removed non-operational scroll bars from Title Area (3477)
  • Add support for CLM100 (3556)


 Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.15 from version 1.11.14

  • Added Ability to detect loops caused by NBE100s (1611)
  • Corrected swapping ends when copying a Cable (2762)
  • Created new DRC check - Instancing OK (2984)
  • Corrected totaling of Small cables in the BOM (2985)
  • Corrected display of Channel Information for DCR100 and FFM100 (2986)
  • Corrected display of NBE100 label on diagram (3105)
  • Corrected bug where networks greater than 1 were showing zero device voltages. (3363)
  • Corrected saving of Design Report as a PDF file. (3364)
  • Discontinued EMS100 (3399)
  • Discontinued Black Water Airlocks for TLM100 (3400)
  • Pasting now drops in correct place (3418)
  • Prevented dragging of connected cables (3464)
  • Corrected dragging of Field Attachable Mid & Micro cables (3465)


 Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.14 from version 1.11.13

  • Pressing ESC when a selection rectangle is displayed will remove the rectangle
  • Backbones with in-line multiport boxes will now display in yellow.
  • Zooming with the backbone displayed will now zoom the backbone as well
  • Prevented the ability to create a selection rectangle when moving a scrollbar
  • Changed wording when Maximum Backbone length is exceeded to match NMEA 2000 definition
  • Replaced FFM100 fuel flow senders with new part numbers


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.11 from version 1.11.10

  • Added Label, Serial Number, Installation Descriptions, and Instance Numbers to MBB200C, TSM800C, and TSM1330C.
  • Replaced FFM100 gauges with metal part numbers
  • Corrected input of FFM100 gauges with old part numbers from saved files


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.10 from version 1.10.9

  • Discontinued several cables.
  • Added TSM800C, TSM1330C.
  • Discontinued TSM800, TSM1330.
  • Added MBB200C with cables that can have their ends dragged.
  • Discontinued MBB100.
  • Changed DSM150 so that the cable end can be dragged.
  • Changed BOM for bulk cable to the cables over 100m cannot be ordered, cables over 50m are converted to 100m spools
  • Changed BOM so that bulk cables are now not joined together, but will be listed separately

Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.7 from version 1.11.6

  • Corrected dragging of handles.
  • Corrected paste function.
  • Corrected import of picture filenames.
  • Added some code to prevent devices from being dragged off the page
  • Changed background from grey to white
  • Corrected problem where DST110 was not showing on BOM
  • Corrected problem where DSM150 current was showing as 0 Amps
  • Prevented 'flipping' of SMS100
  • In FFM100, the default mode of operation was changed to "Differential"
  • Added code to automatically rotate terminators and end caps as they get near a socket.


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.4 from version 1.11.3

  • Modified Bill of Materials (BOM) display so that long descriptions do not extend into adjacent columns
  • Corrected problem creating and saving 0.5m double ended corsets

Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.11.0 from version 1.10.0

  • Added VDR100, TSM800, TSM1330 devices
  • Added group move and delete
  • Added 400A Current Transducer to ACM100
  • Corrected bug in print function of Capability Matrix
  • Improved connector snapping function
  • Improved responsiveness by running the checker less often.
  • Marked LP gas detector as “discontinued”
  • Corrected LEN load for DST100, DST110

Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.10.20110805 from version

  • Added new component FFM100 (Fuel Flow Module)
  • Added new component FPM100 (Fluid Pressure Module).
  • Added new component E2000 (Wireless Router).
  • Allow Generic Components to not require Power drawn from the NMEA2000 bus
  • Allow building of J1939 networks on a J2K100.
  • Capability Matrix now shows capabilities that have been met by the design by using darker text on the entire row.

Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.8.20110315 from version 1.8.20110210:

  • Added new component NBE100 (Network Bus Extender)
  • Added new component DCR100 (DC Relay).
  • Added filename at top of window.
  • Corrected hiding of red error glow behind black selected glow.
  • Corrected assignment of instance numbers to WSO100.


Changes in N2KBuilder version 1.8.20110210 from version 1.7.xx:

  • Added new component IPG100 (Internet Protocol Gateway)
  • Added new component MBB100 (Maretron Black Box).
  • Added new component DSM800 (8” Display Module).
  • Marked obsolete components as grey, excluded them from BOM
  • Corrected hiding of red error glow behind black selected glow.
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